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  • Police stress prom safety

    Thursday Apr 28 | via Daily Globe 

    Wakefield - With high school prom season here, Michigan State Police advise students to make smart decisions and take extra precaution to stay safe while celebrating. "Prom is an exciting time for high school students, and we want to encourage teens to have fun by making good choices," he said.


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Possible Probation violation
i Been Clean And Sober Or Was For A Year And A HalF After My LaSt Dui. Well I Was Rummaging ThrOugh All My Stuff In Storage Looking For My Printer Vord. Anyway I Found A Bottle And Had A Bad Choice And Drank It. I Was At Home Watching Tv With My Daughter And My Ex Called To Talk To Oir Daughter She Thought I Was Drinking So She Called The Police. They Came Made.Her Come Get Her Cause I Was And Said That I Might Be On Probation And Than They All Left.. I Wasn't Charged With A Probation Viation Probation Is In A Completely Different County. It's Been Almost 2 Weeks Since The Incident Shouldn't I Been Summoned Or A Warrant Been Issued By Now?
I would recommend you contact the applicable Court where you were originally convicted, and ask if they show a warrant...
Still charged with DUI?
My Mother was visiting South Lyon MI and got pulled over for her tail light being out. A road side test was conducted and she failed her breathlyzer with .19 BAC. Cop told her that he didn't want to deal with her passenger (was passed out and vomited) so he was not going to arrest her but car was impounded. He gave her a ticket for Tail lights being out and improper turn. Will she still get charged for a dui if not arrested?
If there was no arrest and no evidentiary chemical test was given, it sounds like she may have dodge a huge missile....
Can I sue a drunk driver that rear-ended me?
I was in an auto accident Sunday night. A super drunk driver hit me from behind very hard. Lots of damage to my vehicle. He was arrested on the spot and taken to jail. The police said it was not his first offense etc etc. They had me checked out in the ambulance but did not take me to the hospital. I am feeling neck, back, leg, and muscle pain. I went to a therapy doctor Monday who did x-rays and suggested treatment to correct my issues which will take a few months. I live in Michigan which is no fault state. I have full coverage and the person who hit me also has car insurance. Allstate has been handling my claim. I want to know if I can sue the driver who hit me? I am in some pain but more importantly I am not able to work my weekend job because it requires heavy lifting which I won't be able to do for the next few months
Unclear whether you have a serious impairment of bodily function
Got an OWI, police had me do 3 breathalyzer tests all back to back, one after another. Aren't they supposed to wait 15 min?
At the station, the police had me take 3 breath tests right after another. Aren't they legally supposed to wait 15 mins in between each? If I got video evidence, can't this help me in court, or even dismiss the case?
Need more details and to review the video. Normally the multiple tests are for the prosecutors benefit, not yours....
Got an OWI, but was arrested and put into a cop car BEFORE I blew, and was later breathalyzed at the station?
The police didn't breathalyze me until I got to the police station. Are the verbal ABC and number tests enough to put me in handcuffs and take me back to the station? Or can I use this in court?
A PBT at arrest is not mandatory if there was probable cause to believe you were drinking. The test at the station in...
When I got my OWI I got pulled over for speeding when I really was legally PASSING a car, can I use this in court?
I got arrested for an OWI a week ago. I'm thinking of ways to beat the charge and I remember that when I got pulled over, I was driving from the right lane to the left on a 2 lane road and was passing the car in front of me. I got pulled over for speeding, going 70 in a 55. It IS legal to exceed 10mph WHEN passing a car. Is this something that I could use to defend myself in court? And even get the case dropped? Or at least work with a little bit? Please help
You need to engage an attorney and provide all of the facts to determine if this, or anything is a viable defense, or...
Would I still face administrative license sanctions from Michigan SOS if the court case was Nolle Prossed?
3rd OWI a few years back. I received a 2 year delayed sentence (which is technically not lawful, but that's another matter), graduated Sobriety Court, and ALL charges were Nolle Prossed (I verified this from the case ROA). I was able to pass a NICS check just recently for a pistol purchase, so for sure there is no conviction. I pulled my MSP record from iCHAT and it shows nothing about it whatsoever - only the 2nd offense is on there. However, on my driving record it still says I'm not eligible for a license restoration hearing until 5 years after the "conviction" for the 3rd (which doesn't exist). 1. Shouldn't it instead say 5 years from conviction for the 2nd? 2. Seems like maybe the court just failed to notify SOS of the final disposition of NP? 3. How do I fix this and get my driving record corrected so that I can immediately be eligible for a hearing (its been 6 years since conviction for the 2nd)?
Yes, if the OWI 3rd charge was dismissed the court should have sent a notice of the dismissal to the Secretary of State...