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Can someone tell me what S095-CF30 (AR01) means in a Alabama criminal case. It is listed on alacourt
It pertains to a dui/possession/wreckless driving case that is in district or circuit court and this was listed on alacourt
Where exactly do you see this code written on alacourt?
Can the breathlazyer results be wrong at the precinct?
I was arrested for a DUI. Soon after we got there, I took the test, but it was taken back to back. There was only a 30 second break between the calibration.
The Draeger 7110 breath test instrument operates on specific computer software designed especially for the Alabama...
Do Effexor has any danger to your kidneys?
I was hospitalized with acute kidney and low blood pressure I stayed in there for about three or more days
Best to check web md or ask a doctor.
Will a juvenile dui from 1983 show up now-would this count as a 2nd offense or have the records been sealed because of my age?
I have been charged with dui.
Anytime you have been charged with a DUI, it is wise to hire an attorney that specializes in DUI. Use Avvo to find a...
Can I get charged with a DUI and probation ?
After a night out with my friends and I took them all home, I pulled into a parking lot to look for my phone. I didn't know where I was and I wanted to make sure I was going the right way. I was exhausted from coming off 2 16 hour shifts working in a sports bar. The next thing I know I am surrounded by 6 cops. I was arrested and took the breathalyzer in the feild and in jail but all of my paper work and ticket I received said I refused breathalyzer on both sets of papers. There is no evidence of alcohol in my system. Can I still get charged?
Of course you can be charged. The real question is if the charges will stick. It sounds like you may have several...
How Can I fight a DUI?
Hello, I recently had a DUI and I have my court on nov 15, I’m here undocumented with no DL. There any way I could be deported? Should I move to an other address? Thanks you.
Yes, you can be deported. Talk to a lawyer right away.
How do I get my license back in Alabama after a 5 year period on a DUI charge from another state?
In 2013 I got a DUI in Tennessee. My license were suspended, court ordered 7 days in jail and a fine. I was supposed to turn myself in and pull 7 day's, however I was not able to travel to Tennessee to do the jail time. I am now 100% disabled. August of 2018 will be my anniversary date of 5 years,
Get the hold off the license from TN and apply for a license in AL