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Should I hire a lawyer....or just do some crazy homework on DUI cases and represent myslef
I was driving and my little dog jumped in the truck and hit my driving arm, in turn made me swerve and take out a brick mailbox..I was stunned and shaken up when the cops got there it started to rain and the officer wanted me to take a ride to the hospital in the ambulance and I he took me to the station and said I was charged with dui....I knew I was clean and I don't drink or do drugs in the report it says I was slurring and swaying...I told the officer I was shaken up because of the wreck and I did all tests breath, blood,urine and field sobriety he said I did poorly on the sobriety test..then blew .000 on breath and now waiting on toxicology I know I am clean could this case just get thrown out due to lack of evidence in the toxicology report
I would never recommend for anyone to go to court without a lawyer. Your situation looks pretty good but court is like...
What happens if you had a DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894 and just got another DWI but refused all the test ?
I had my first DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894. I just got pulled over last night and was truthful with the officer about where I was going and where I had been. I also told him I had drank two beers. When ask to conduct FST I refused however he did so the pen test. Once arrested I also refused breath test. What's going to happen to me now ?
You refused the test; good. Then you admitted having two beers; bad. Results of eye nystagmus test unknown. You need...
Can I get convicted of a DUI over three years after I was arrested?
Got arrested for DUI agreed to take pre-trial intervention program.. Failed to finish payment.. Pure over sight and did not complete community service. Happened in May 2013../they are no trying to revoke it in August 2016..//is there a limitation of time for them to be able to do this,? And if so what is the time span? L
Since none of us lawyers have your case or terms of your pti our wild guesses wont help you. surely you had an attorney...
How far back can a court go back too use a dwi against me
had a dwi 7 years ago an it was first afence now they have me charged with 2nd. will it stick
It will stick if the prior judgment and sentence is in order. ask your lawyer to review to make sure its a valid Judgment.
I got a dwi july 2014. Will it show up on my MVR
I feel asleep in slde swipe a 18 wheeler july 2014.
First, a lawyer will need to know if you were convicted of the DWI. Also was the conviction based on a guilty plea and...
When I go to court will they drug test me even though I was charged with a first offense dui
Swerving while changing lanes. I'm on vistaril for anxiety. I also took a xanax that day. I passed breathalyzer with a .0000 and they gave me a urine test
No way to know who or when you will be tested if ever, great question to ask your lawyer.
Will I go to jail for failing a court ordered drug test?
I had a case about something completely not associated with marijuana at all. The judge asked me if I smoked. I told the truth & said "yes". Then he ordered that the next time I come to court he was going to drug test me & if I test positive for marijuana he'll sentence me 3 years. Can he do that? Even though my case had nothing to do with narcotics.
Need more details. You need to call an attorney.