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I just read my police report for my DUI arrest. The blood test is invalid due to clotting in the blood. Can this help my case?
I have a high level of disability. This will make my 4th DUI. Which is a felony in CO.
If you have a DUI lawyer, ask your lawyer this question. If you do not have a DUI lawyer, get one right away....
What am I looking at with a second dui and dwai ticket also revoked license careless driving and expired tags?
In facing these charges after I was ran off the road and I hit my head on windshield.and that's how they found me.I don't remember what happened.
You should consult a DUI defense attorney for a more detailed review of your case and potential outcomes. Be aware...
I got a dui 4 years ago. I completed all of my probation except for my community service. Will I go back to jail?
I tried to call my probation officer, & went to the office. She never returned a call. She only wrote me a travel certificate once in the whole 2 years. I did everything except my community service. A court runner went and got my files, she had my conviction, but no warrant. Is it possible I have a warrant?
It's possible you have a warrant, but less likely if the court clerk says there is no warrant on record. One way to try...
What can I do to lessen my pending DUI charge?
A few nights ago, I was out with a friend at a bar. I had 5 beers in the span of 4 hours. I got behind the wheel of my car, and while making a left hand turn, had to avoid some dividers in the road, and veered slightly into the wrong lane for a moment. I was pulled over moments later for this traffic violation, where the cop asked me where I was coming from. I told him the name of the bar. He asked if I'd been drinking, and I said no. He told me of my violation, then after checking my license and registration, had me perform some sobriety tests. I guess I failed, because then he told me he thinks I'd been drinking, and told me to be honest. I told him I'd had a few beers. He asked if I would do a blood test, or a breathalyzer test. I choose a blood test. He handcuffed me, and we went to the hospital for the blood test. I then went to the police station, and sat in the jail cell for awhile. He did not revoke my license. I have a court date for late June, and I guess we are simply waiting for the results of the blood test. I have no criminal record at all, and this is the first time this has ever happened. I am very worried.
There is no need to be worried, but you should sit down with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case....
Will a DUI/DWI affect my ability to purchase a handgun in the state of Colorado?
I was convicted of a marijuana DWI in the state of Colorado, January 2015. There was no property damage of any kind, I refused the chemical test, and I have completed my probation and have put most of it behind be aside from the interlock and high insurance premiums. I am a 22 year old and am hoping to purchase a Glock 17 or S&W M&P 9 in the coming months. I have no other convictions or charges on my record at this time. Thank you for any insight you might have.
No, but marijuana use may affect your accuracy on the range.
Is dui felony in the state of Colorado
Hear that first dui was now felony what to know if it is true
A DUI is not a felony in Colorado until it becomes your fourth or subsequent offense. A first offense DUI can have...
What are Colorado State laws for the length of time a dui can start on file when it's a drug case?
Should I start classes before even being convicted of z a crime
Your question doesn't make sense. Please clarify or repost.