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Can they convict on dui if I was not driving but behind da wheel asleep
I had taken some pain pills for a severe toothache while driving...I started to feel real nauseous pulled over and passed out...I was awoken by a police officer and arrested for allegedly being under the blood test
Yes. If you had the ability to manipulate the controls of the vehicle you could still be convicted of being in "Actual...
Why do I have to pay a $700 fine to the DMV of a state I don't get a dui in?
Got a dui in North Dakota with a Minnesota drivers license. At the time of being convicted I was a resident of North Dakota. Now Minnesota won't allow me to get a license in North Dakota until I fill out bunch of forms and pay them $700. I am wondering why this is? Why I have to pay a fine to a state I did not commit a crime in?
It is not a fine, it is a cost. Just as you have costs for a myriad of things, such as the actual driver's license....
I have an Ignition Interlock restricted driver's license in Colorado, and now a job offer in North Dakota.
1st offense, .180 BAC, all fines, probation, classes, etc. completed...just interlock in the car for another year and a half. What will be required to transfer my driving privilege - along with residence - to scenic North Dakota, as this will be a permanent move?
I would speak with your criminal defense attorney. They can help you navigate the procedures of a transfer of probation....
Just got pulled over on the north dakota interstate
We just got pulled over and the officer refused to show us the radar gun are they allowed to deny u to see ur speed? And when leaving the 43mph zone like he said it was we passed a sign saying 70 mph how can we fight this in court if it is possible to do so? Or is it even worth it?
There are multiple ways an officer can allege a person is speeding: radar, lidar, timing, and pacing. Two of those...
Getting a license in a state that I got a dui in with an oos license
So I got a dui in North Dakota over a year ago with a California dl. My time is up to get my license back and since I'm a nd resident, I want a nd license. I have done everything I need for nd but California says that I still have another year on my suspension because of a dui I got 8 years ago in ca with a ca license. Even though I live and reside in nd and I'm cleared to get a license in nd, can California keep me from getting my nd license? I have no aspirations to go bck to that state and everything (permanent address, registration, insurance, employment) is all in nd. I am a nd resident. What can I do to get ca to release me from the pointer system so I can get my nd license? Any help would be much appreciated.
You will likely have to satisfy all of CA's requirements before ND will give you a license there even though you...
Can an officer pull you over because someone calls you in for drunk driving, yet you never commit any traffic violations?
Someone called and said I was stumbling to my car, after following me for approx 25 blocks. I had parked my vehicle and the cop flashed his lights and got out and came to my window. I passed the ABC's and counting, and eye tests. I submitted to three Breathalyzers, by the third one it said .13, I was then arrested, taken for a blood test, and was then able to bail myself out. Was this legal or fishing. I committed no traffic violations and I have a protection order on my husband for domestic violence, and I suspect he is the one who called me in, or a friend of his to try and set me up.
Generally, anonymous tips require some level of corroboration, indicator of reliability, support or circumstances...
I got charged for my ticket says DUI of intoxication and/or drugs... I had my case the status is closed.
What about y blood work? What happens if it comes back iwith traces of more than alcohol? can they arrest me still even though the case is closed?
Your question does not make much sense. Please resubmit the question with more facts.