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I was working for USPS, not even moving, and I was hit by a drunk driver, do I need a lawyer?
I was knocked out and have a concussion that has kept me from work for 2 months
Yes you do. What you should do is contact. An experienced personal injury attorney right away.
In the ARD program, is there a set period of time the courts have to suspend my license?
I have already completed my classes and community service and the offense was 2 years and 8 months ago.
If you are entered the ARD program for a DUI charge, the time of the suspension itself would have been dependent on...
I have fines in pa. For a d.u.i. in 2008 which is keeping me from getting my license
its been ten years since ive had my drivers license because i got a d.u.i. ive since finished everything but pay my fines is there a statute of limitations that would reinstate my drivers license since i went so much longer than the suspention was for
No statute of limitations on fines. They must be paid, or a payment plan worked out with the state before your license...
IIf I am on probation in county A and get a new charge in county B causing a probation violation in County A,
Which one has to go to trial first, the trial for the new charge or the trial for the probation violation?
There is no hard and fast rule on which one goes first. In general the probation department will wait for the outcome...
PennDot says they never received my DL-16LC and now I'm unable to reinstate my driving privilege in PA What can I Do?
As a PA Licensed driver I got a DUI in 2015 (1st Offense), I refused blood work. I was actually in the process of moving to MD so before my first court date I got a MD drivers license. I did the ARD program and submitted a DL-16LC for the mandatory 60 day suspension in May/April 2016. I was trying to appeal the 1 yr suspension for the refusal however I was denied in October 2016. Got the letter stating my Driving privilege in PA was suspended starting 11/30/16. I had a lawyer for the whole process and I thought he submitted the DL-16LC just like he did for the 60 day suspension. (Still waiting to hear back from him) Anyways a years been up and I tried to get my PA privilege restored and PennDot is telling me they never got the second DL-16LC. My question is if there is no proof of the second DL-16LC being sent out what options do I have? Can the first DL-16LC be used as the "reason" I can't surrender a PA drivers license? I really would hate to have my family and friends meet me at the border every time I come home for another year... Sorry for making it so long.
You should get to your lawyers office and find out what he or she did or did not do related the the DL-16. If the...
Is it illegal to bring up a expunged DUI?
I currently under go court ordered thearpy for children and youth and my therapist brings up my past DUI that was expunged and the reason why I will not get my children returned to me. Is it legal to even bring that up if it has been expunged ?
The answer depends on who is bringing up your prior record, and how they know about its existence. If they knew about...
Can someone apply for treatment (drug) court in a different county that offers it (felony charges) to maintain employment?
I was charged with 2 felony counts of PWID schedule 2 controlled substances along with 2 other 3rd-degree felony counts of criminal use of a communication device. Basically was set up on controlled buys by a confidential informant on 2 separate occasions with the amount totaling 5 pills (150mg). This is my first offense and occurred months before graduating from college (around March) , and I wasn't made aware of the charges until September. I have hired an local lawyer in the area who's course of action is basically to try and get the case into treatment (drug) court and claim that I committed alleged crimes to support my addiction. The goal is try and get the felonies dismissed after my successful completion of the treatment program and eventually expunged off of my record. I've already waived my preliminary hearing (lawyer's advice) to apply for treatment court and am currently waiting for my preliminary arraignment. I have accepted an offer at a very big and reputable company and have already underwent a background check and drug screening and am scheduled to start (in a different county) around the same time. Could I complete this drug court there?
It is unlikely. Ask your attorney.