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How can I beat a dui I recieved 10 Years Ago
I was arrested by the NJ State Police and and was given a citation for DUi. I am a Pennsylvania Resident and was a PA resident at the time and I never went to the court date. It has never come up on any background checks or when I was stopped for speeding in Pa...
You need to hire a lawyer asap. The charge does not go away due to time passing. However, you may have a defense to...
Does ASAP carry over to you home state
I am from, and have a valid drivers license in New Jersey. I am paying $84 a month for 3 years because 2 years ago I received a DUI for failing to give a breath test in the state of Virginia. Earlier this summer i moved back to VA to work and save up for a car. Last week I bought one and at the VA DMV a red flag came up saying that i haven't completed their VASAP program so my driving privilege here is suspended. I am moving back to NJ shortly and am wondering if I ONLY need to complete the program to be able to drive in VA or does it carry over in the system to NJ? When I came to NJ to restore my license, the dmv did not mention anything and I only had to pay a fee and $1000 for 3 years. I am under the impression that I'm currently okay to drive anywhere except in Virginia.
If you have a valid Nj license you can drive anywhere but Va. where your privledges are suspended. However Richmond...
How do I file for Post Conviction Relief?
I had a 3rd DWI in 2009. I had a Lawyer that was not a DWI Lawyer. He told me to plead guilty or they would bring back my other tickets and I would serve a longer sentence. I did, and he asked for a stay because of a prior in 1999, I was not properly represented. I appealed it for 2 years today. I now have to go to jail for 5 months because I served a month for the sentence already. My husband lost both legs and both arms in 2010 after my plead of guilty. I have a 13 year old also, i am the caregiver for both of them. I can not leave them especially my husband. We have no one to care for them. The Board of Social Services told us we had to much money in our accounts and had to spend it down to a certain amount and show it. We need that to live off of we are not working. Can I do anything?
You could attempt to file for post-conviction relief but it sounds by your description that your attorney did file for...
Will I test positive for alcohol in urine? Breathalyzer?
I had one 8 oz glass of vodka this am and have to take a urine and breath test tomorrow same time, approx. will I fail test? I joined an intensive outpatient program and I know I will be tested.
It is certainly possible that you will test positive. I highly recommend that you refrain from drinking. Best of luck
If your breathlyzer in your vehicle does not forward readings to DMV, can they suspended your license?
My husband received a second offense DUI in February of 2014 and are required to have a breathlyzer installed in vehicle. The truck the device is currently installed in is no longer running and has not been since November of 2016. He has not been driving since then. However, since no reading has been recorded, is it possible for DMV to suspend your license.
The law is to have it on any vehicle he drives. If he does not drive what can they do.
My son is a drunk and violent to me, how can .I stop him, I called the police., forced me to co-sign for his apartment 10 mo.,pa
My son is violent drunk ,attacked me, I am his Mother. He has also stolen my credit cards and taken large amounts of money. He forced me to cosign for an apartment for 10 months and never paid his rent $1,005.00 per mo, Late fees plus eviction notices jacked up the monthly amount. I paid every month of rent ;he lived in it while I paid. While he hide his money to pay his late bills JAN 26TH, 2017 HE has BE IN EVICTED .FEB 7TH 2017 and he is not paying that month either. I was told about the legal rights of a co-signer by the assistant manager but now denies. If a tenant looses his job and can not pay the rent I was told I could ask for the keys and would not have to pay for the remainder of the lease or if the renter refused to not pay his rent I could do the same and take his keys and have him leave. Now the Manager said her assistant knows nothing. And the assistant finally made a copy of my co-signers page for me to read in Jan the 26, 9 month of his lease. .The manager told me since April 2016 it was illegal to give me a copy of my own , Is this legal. How do like I GET MY SON TO PAY ME BACK
Best bet is to get him help for his drug problem
Should I contact my po officer?
I applied for conditional discharged after being arrested for pot in a car accident(not my fault). I went through a year of conditional discharge and passed the drug tests given. However 1 month before the ending period I was charged for possession & underage drinking(pot in the area). I hired a public defender and believe I can get out of these charges. However I am worried about if I can't. Should I contact my po officer even tho I would not be able to perform a drug test? Or should I contact her a month from now when I can pass a drug test.
Best to ask your lawyer that handled your original charge as we don't know the conditions of your probation. Most CD's...