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Dui in CT my third since my second 10 years ago, where I served 120 days in jail. Since its been over 10 years, what happens?
What do I do to avoid jail? I have alot going good and don't want this mishap to mess everything up.
The first thing you do in order to gain the most favorable outcome is consult a lawyer who is experienced in DWI and...
I was arrested in my drive way for a dui they didnt read me my miranda rights till i got to the police station.
on the police report they have the wrong addres and they didnt give me the breathalyzer one hour after they arrested me
Although there isn't a question presented, there are a few issues here. A failure to Mirandize doesn't negate an arrest;...
In most jurisdictions, there are essentially three ways to win a dui trial: arguing there's not enough evidence of...
Who long can they drag out a Dui charge.
I had a motorcycle in May 2016 on ct. Hurt myself only no property damage. I was over the limit I believe. But have not been charged yet. Policed called me in June looking for my ins info to wrap up the investigation. Can they charge me know. ?
Yes so long as they get an arrest warrant for you within one year , unless you have prior DUI convictions , they could...
I have a month left of probation and was wondering if I can donate money to get community service hours
I just got my license back and my probation ends in one month I currently work 70 plus hours a week
It is hard to provide an answer based upon your question. Assuming this is your first conviction, which is why you have...
May CT suspend my license in 2016 for a DUI arrest in 6-2014 that resulted in a "wet reckless" conviction in CA in 3-2015?
I was charged with DUI in CA in 2014, plead to wet reckless in 2015. As terms of my plea, I completed an alcohol education program, paid all fines and penalties in full and was sentenced to 2 years probation. I'm 48 years old. This is my only arrest and conviction. CA DMV suspended my driving privileges in August 2014 for 4 months. My license was not suspended as a result of the criminal plea, only through DMV based on my arrest and breath test. CA will only restore my driving privileges if I complete a 12-week in-state program. Since I live and work in CT, I cannot complete the CA program. My CT driver's license is set for renewal in Sept 2016. DMV informed me on my renewal form that I must appear at DMV, not AAA to renew my license. I am concerned that CT will suspend my privileges as a result of the CA DMV suspension from 2 years ago. May CT suspend my license at this point? What can I do to prevent the suspension?
Do you know the complexity of the query you pose? You are asking a question which requires research of multiple states...
Will a misdemeanor DUI from 3 years ago effect me getting a new job?
Hello, I work in IT and I have received an offer from another big company. I'm wondering if my misdemeanor DUI from 3 (06/21/2013) will affect me passing the background check? (plea 9/25/2013) I disclose in the following in the application "Have you had any motor vehicle violations for which you pled guilty or paid a fine within the past three years? Yes Please explain: Stopped on the way home upon lawyers recommendation entered guilty peel for pragmatic reasons" I told the HR person about this and she said they look for more criminal but I wanted a legal opinion. Thanks in advance.
Not unless it's a job that requires you driving for the employer