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What qualifies as a second DUI offense?
I was recently arrested two weeks ago for a DUI charge and then was arrested again for the same violation yesterday early morning. I was legally driving on a temporary license and my court date for the initial charge is set for late December, so I hadn't been convicted before being arrested for the second charge. The court date for the second charge is set for mid December. I'm just wondering how these separate charges will be considered in the system. Thank you.
A second DUI Is one within 10 years of another. Hire a lawyer.
Will I need to take the 18 month dui program?
Hi I got a dui when I was 18, it was dismissed in court and I never took the first offender program but I also did not request a hearing in those first 10 days, i paid 100$ and got my license reinstated. A year ago I got my second dui, this one did not get dismissed, I was convicted and told I had to do a 3 month dui first offender program by the court. I was not eligible to get a restricted license to and from work because of where I sit in the middle of 2 duis or not, my question is will i have to take the 18 month second dui offender program even if the court says I have to do the 3 month? I have to get an h6 from the dmv and I'm afraid my first dui will show up even if it was dismissed in court years ago. Thank you
We need to know whether the 1st DUI arrest was within 10 years of the second. If so, you will have to do the 18 month...
I was arrested for a DUI on Halloween.
Last march I was arrested for drunk in public with resisting but it was dismissed. 7 years ago I was convicted of a OWIL in Michigan. I honestly would have said in any of the prior occasions that I did not think that I have a serious problem, but man this is not looking like it is the case. I am a pre-med student and single father. I am terrified of the consequences and am looking into support groups for harm reduction/ abstinence. Is there any hope?
You best hope is to get a criminal defense attorney who has practiced in your area for decades. The attorney will...
How can I get my driver's license back in this situation?
If I got 2 DUIs in 2003, and have paid all the fines, completed all the community service, and am now enrolled (6 months) in the 18-month DUI program, can I get my license back? Another group member with the same situation has gotten hers (after just 3 months of enrollment), but a MAU clerk told me I couldn't until I completed the year-and-a-half program. Is there a way I can get it back (the clerk also said I was not ordered to have an interlock device installed)?
DMV controls when and if you can get a temporary license or actual license. If there are unpaid traffic tickets, there...
Is it possible that my breathalyzer test was LOWER than my blood test?
I was recently arrested for a DUI, my breathalyzer results were .09 - Once arrested, my blood was drawn for further analysis. Do I need to be concerned about the blood test results? Or are breathalyzer results typically congruent with blood analysis?
It really depends on many scientific factors. Just a few to start with are whether your alcohol level was going up or...
Got my first DUI and I'm planning to plead not guilty and get a public defender. Is that the right thing to do?
I was pulled over for speeding. The CHP asked if I had been drinking and I said I had one drink. They did a sobriety test and breathalyzer and then arrested me. I was breathalyzed again at the station and it was .11. I spent the night in jail. The cops were extremely nice to me and said I might not get charged with a full DUI. They didn't give me a speeding ticket, just the DUI. I'm extremely nervous about my court date, but I can't afford a lawyer. I'm just not sure what to expect. Any info you have would be most appreciated!
You'll be fine. If you qualify for the public defender, enter a not guilty plea and let the public defender do his or...
I'm charged with a CA B&P25662(a) - if I fight the charge ,what is the likelihood of me having my license suspended for a year?
Several weeks ago, I was throwing away a full (but open) can of beer outside of my fraternity house on a busy friday night. A plain clothes sheriff put a light on me from the street (I was in our parking lot heading to the dumpster) and told me to put down the can and tell him how old I was. I complied and said I was 20 and he issued me a B&P25662(a) and circled "I" for infraction and not "m" for misdemeanor. I did not have my ID on me so he confirmed details with dispatch. When I got the court summons I noticed it did not specify that it was an infraction. I also noticed that my DOB is incorrect (1994 instead of '93). -No prior offenses -Currently enrolled in 4 year college -No previous vehicle code violations -Sober at time of ticketing
You need a lawyer. There are too many specifics and too many opportunities here, for you to not avail yourself of counsel.