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Will my license be suspended definitely if I received a DUI at 16 and now have a citation at 20 for an MIP?
Four years ago I received a DUI which was notched down to a misdemeanor, attended community service, alcohol rehabilitation classes and had a suspended license for 1 year. They told me the DUI would be taken off my record at the time but I recently had a background check and it showed up. A couple months ago I received a citation for purchasing alcohol (I'm 20 yrs old). The cashier did not check my ID and when I was stopped by police on the street they opened my wallet and grabbed an ID I had in it that was not mine and although I didn't use it for the purchase they also gave me a citation for possession of a fake ID. I'm wondering if there's any way I will be able to petition for a restricted license because I work and go to school full time and do not live with my parents or any sort of legal guardian. Basically I'm screwed without my car.
With virtual certainty, your license will be suspended for a full year. Frankly, it doesn't sound like you're ready...
I am taking a vacation to Canada and have a 2008 DUI conviction on my record. Will I have problems being granted entry?
I was convicted of a Misdemeanor DUI in 2008 and another in 2011. I have completed all work project, community service and DUI programs for both and have not been in any legal trouble since 2011. I filed for expungement for both cases and was granted Motion for Dismissal for 2011 but denied for the 2008 offense. Will I be denied entry? What steps should I take to ensure I am able gain access.
You might. I once had a client denied entry based on a 20 year old DUI conviction. Contact Canadian authorities about...
I got a DUI in Hawaii in 2009, Will this effect me in California. almost 8 years ago.
hello, i have DUI from 2009 that i got in Hawaii when i was 19 and now live in California, now I am 26. My question is will this DUI effect me 10 years? in Hawaii it only effects you for 3 years. I am applying for a job the will run my driving record for their insurance.
No one knows how this will an effect on your potential employer for your new job.
Can an outpatient alcohol treatment program that I attended for 2 years satisfy the DMV "DUI" program requirement?
I was convicted of a second offense of DUI in California. I attended an outpatient program recognized by the court for two years. The court ordered that I had met their requirements. However, the DMV also wants a "DUI program" completion. This program is very expensive, is not located near my home, and 6 years later I am now disabled as well as I have a disabled son (non-DUI related). Is there anyway that I can use my court approved "alcohol awareness" education program to satisfy the DMV? It's been 6 years since my DUI and I have satisfied all of the other court requirements, I'm left struggling with the DMV. They can't tell me consistently if I need to attend another program, and if so, the length of the program since the judge never ordered me to a DMV program. Rather, I attended a more intensive, 2 year long program and satisfied the courts requirements. Do I have to also complete (and pay for) the crappy DMV approved classes? In comparison, the DMV classes are a joke and spend more time making sure we pay our fees rather than actually counseling us.
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The CA DMV has no provision for replacement of the DUI school with anything other...
Can I not attend DUI class or reduce it down to 12 hours.
I was arrested under a DUI at BAC level of 0.11%. Second one is 0.10%. And I lose the DMV hearing and have accept the plea bargain from prosecutor to reduce my DUI charge down to a Wet reckless since this is my first time DUI. However, both the DMV and the court require me to take 3 month program, but the court just agreed to reduce my DUI charge down to wet reckless, isn't that my class should also reduce down to 12 hours class? I don't understand this, my attorney told me that both the DMV and the court still want me to finish 3 month program. So my question is, what's the point of the court to reduce DUI down to Wet reckless if they don't reduce my program. I don't care about the reduce fine payment, i only care about the class. IT IS stupid and ridiculous. Can anyone help me on this? I really hate to attend the class. And BTW, Im not US citizens, and I will leave united states and go back to China in this July. I don't give a shitt about my suspend driver license since i will never use it again. Im graduating this July and US immigration department want me to depart US once I finish my study here. And my court date is May 31st. I've enrolled into 3 month program last week.
If you want your CA license reinstated, complete the 3-month class.
What qualifies as a second DUI offense?
I was recently arrested two weeks ago for a DUI charge and then was arrested again for the same violation yesterday early morning. I was legally driving on a temporary license and my court date for the initial charge is set for late December, so I hadn't been convicted before being arrested for the second charge. The court date for the second charge is set for mid December. I'm just wondering how these separate charges will be considered in the system. Thank you.
A second DUI Is one within 10 years of another. Hire a lawyer.
Will I need to take the 18 month dui program?
Hi I got a dui when I was 18, it was dismissed in court and I never took the first offender program but I also did not request a hearing in those first 10 days, i paid 100$ and got my license reinstated. A year ago I got my second dui, this one did not get dismissed, I was convicted and told I had to do a 3 month dui first offender program by the court. I was not eligible to get a restricted license to and from work because of where I sit in the middle of 2 duis or not, my question is will i have to take the 18 month second dui offender program even if the court says I have to do the 3 month? I have to get an h6 from the dmv and I'm afraid my first dui will show up even if it was dismissed in court years ago. Thank you
We need to know whether the 1st DUI arrest was within 10 years of the second. If so, you will have to do the 18 month...