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How do you find out if you are on probation?
I got first DUI in August and second in November. Can't remember if I got probation the first time. How can I find out?
Contact the adult probation department and district attorney's office in the jurisdiction in which your original DUI...
How long after dui (1yr ago) can mother regain primary caregiver in joint custody
father was given caregiver divorce is almost final ( in march) mother had dui 1 yr ago with drug charges has had clean drug tests and completed drug class father drinks lg amt daily but unable to prove it child wants to live with mother
Child custody is always subject to further review by the courts, even when there is a signed agreement. This is...
What happens when you get arrested for 2nd offense DUI in the state of Kentucky?
Boyfriend was driving with out a license, and got arrested for DUI when all he had done is suboxine earlier that day. This is his second DUI.
I expect that you get prosecuted twice as hard as you did on your first. I am not a KY lawyer so I cannot comment on...
Second A.I. charge did 8 hours in Drunk Tank and they let me out.
I would just like to know what's going or could happen to me. I have anxiety and am really scared that I will go back to jail. I would have thought that if I was going to do more jail time that they wouldn't have let me out to begin with. I was in a public place and I was crying.
What will happen to you depends quite a bit on the facts of the case. What was your blood alcohol content (BAC)? Why...
I blew a .088 I was pulled over because I had a light out. Should I plea not guilty for a lesser charge?
I blew a .088 I was pulled over because I had a light out. Should I plea not guilty for a lesser charge?
You need to have a consultation with a local KY attorney. DUI /DWI type offenses can be quite complex. There are a...
“I received a DUI (2nd) in KY. I need to move to MI, but need to complete/transfer DUI classes. Can this be done? and if so How?
I have paid my fines and will have served my mandatory 14 days. I have surrendered my license plate to the county clerk and my license is under a 12 month suspension. I have begun attending the DUI classes that are mandated for 52 weeks. Once I have completed my time to serve, how can I go about relocating to MI to finish out my DUI classes and license suspension.
This is a common situation and usually easily resolved. Ask the judge who sentenced you for permission to transfer you...
Will the judge use my word against my fiance in court over a "DUI"?
My fiance & I had a bad argument & I thought he was on drugs by how he was acting, so I called the police on him when he tried to drive away. When they arrived they asked me to write down everything and I mentioned I thought he was high on pills, a few moments later, he was arrested for falling asleep or passing out at a stop light. He passed the field sobriety and the breathalyzer but his record still said dui. But, what I'm concerned about is if while in court tomorrow the will question him as to why I said he was on pills & Might try to keep him in jail. Any reassuring advice? :(
Your fiancé will need an attorney. Try and find one for him today. If you want to try and find one in your area here...