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My po gave me my first drug test I was honest I used but meth showed up she came to my house told me my levels was high did not
Did not arest me said we needed to talk do u think she's giving me a chance did not drug test me at home
There is no way to tell if a violation will be filed or not. Every probation officer and department is different. If...
I live in ky and recieved a dui here and now florida is holding it against me suspended me for life how is this legal?
it is a 4th in my life time dating back 25 yrs. 3 in florida
Florida's DHSMV web site lists the following for a 4th DUI: 4th DUI or Subsequent DUI Conviction - You must serve 5...
I blew a triple zero on a PBT. I was still charged with being under the influence of alcohol.
I admitted to taking a sip or two, but was not under the influence. I was also charged with attempt to purchase. Appearantly a minor(whom was under the age of 18) was present at the scene but I had no idea how old he was, nor who he was. Also, when the police knocked on the door and stormed in, they failed to state that they had a search warrant, then proceeded to look through the residence. There were other charges I am found guilty of. Will a Marshall judge still pin me for two sips and "attempting to purchase"?
Good question. I would begin to answer it by reading the police report. What does it say? Have you read it over yet?...
Can you file a malicious prosecution charges against a county prosecutor for a dui case that went to trial w/0% alcohol no drugs
therapeutic amount of lortab. driving to slow
These are generally tough cases to prove- becaues even with a 0% alcohol or no drugs, there are other ways to show...
I blew 3 times on breathaliser and first 2 showed 0 and third showed 0.077. was arressted and demanded a blood to do?
i had a large glass of wine within the hour of arrest and stopped to get food at mcdonalds.was eating and swerved in my own lane. i also had prescription meds from my doctors. the cop was not satisfied with the results of the first 2 times i blew. said take deep breath and blow hard and got the 0.077 result. he asked to search my vehicle and he decided to search my pusre and found my meds wich were legal.he also searched me.i dont remember if he read my rights before or after the search because i was shocked about the ongoing event.he then took me to jail and demanded a blood test.i thought .08 was the limit and he should had let me go.i also had a low tire on front driver side of vehicle.what is going to hap[pen and what can i do do get out of this if i can
You need to hire a competent criminal defense lawyer in Louisville to represent you. The legal limit in KY is .08%...
My boyfriend got a dui for smoking marijuana ?
He also got failure to wear seatbelt, careless driving and improper turning . What should we expext to happen in court ? He was taken to jail an was not read his rights , also he was given a breathalyzer test that the cop said was 0.08 but he didn't have a drink of anything an the cop didn't report that he did the breathalyzer test
The officer does not have to read him his rights at the very moment he is being arrested. That only happens on...
I violated shock and parole, what happens now?
On parole for felony dui but shocked out on probation. I failed to report in as well as miss an assessment. I had 120 days served as well as 90 and 90 days taken off my sentence for completing 2 programs. What am I looking at now?
You face the balance of your sentence. Hire a good attorney to assist you.