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I had a DUI 6 yrs ago. I went to court then. I got sentenced to take alcohol classes and 2 yrs probation. Last week I received a case setting notice what does this mean?
It's hard to say, but if the notice tells you to show up to court on a certain date, make sure you do otherwise a bench...
I had a dui in 2001 I think. or mid 2002. Also in 2008. Both in california. Niether were accidents. This one I just got is in franklin county. I believe my bac was .20
These days if you were convicted of any crime in the past, in any state in the nation, Washington is likely to find...
no tickets since i have sr21 insurance
If your charge was dropped to reckless driving without implication of alcohol use you can qualify and get a CDL without...
I got a DUI in Washington last week. I have been arrested 3 times in Florida for DUI but was found not guily in 1 case. Will they count the one I was found not guilty in as a DUI? Will this be my 3 or 4 DUI? Am I looking at jail time or do you think I could get alcohol treatment? What am I looking at as far as jail, fines, and anything eles.?
First, you need a Washington State DUI Defense Attorney and with that kind of history you are not going to get a...
the bac was a .079 when I got to the jail. just under the legal limit. have court at 8 am Tuesday morning
The other major factor, this is your first with a low number, is what was the driving observed by the office (and...
Blood tests show .03 mg/L for clonazepam, .23 mg/L for methamphetamine, and .06 mg/L for amphetamine. I currently am being represented by the public defender but I have talked to him only once and I don't feel he is really motivated in helping me get a fair chance at beating this case. Help!
This website is full of phenomenal attorneys, but you seriously need to hire an attorney in your area. I do not...
I live in Idaho now but got the DUI with my WA license. I found out WA suspended my license as well. They are requiring me to get the SR22 insurance even if I don't need it in Idaho since it got dismissed. I called customer service in WA and asked them if they received the dismissal but they told me they only received the conviction. So I had Idaho send the dismissal to WA. Is that what I was supposed to do or do I need to do something else? My WA license is expired and I don't live there anymore. So I need to get my Idaho license
That was the right move. It doesn't sound like anything is holding up your Idaho license.