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What is a case setting notice for sentence?
I had a DUI 6 yrs ago. I went to court then. I got sentenced to take alcohol classes and 2 yrs probation. Last week I received a case setting notice what does this mean?
It's hard to say, but if the notice tells you to show up to court on a certain date, make sure you do otherwise a bench...
I've just gotten a dui in washington state, will they find my duis from Ca. How far back does Wa. State go?
I had a dui in 2001 I think. or mid 2002. Also in 2008. Both in california. Niether were accidents. This one I just got is in franklin county. I believe my bac was .20
These days if you were convicted of any crime in the past, in any state in the nation, Washington is likely to find...
In september of 09 i got a dui that got dropped to wreakless driving my license was suspended for a year can i get a cdl license
no tickets since i have sr21 insurance
If your charge was dropped to reckless driving without implication of alcohol use you can qualify and get a CDL without...
I have been arrest for a DUI in Washington State and I have 3 in Florida.
I got a DUI in Washington last week. I have been arrested 3 times in Florida for DUI but was found not guily in 1 case. Will they count the one I was found not guilty in as a DUI? Will this be my 3 or 4 DUI? Am I looking at jail time or do you think I could get alcohol treatment? What am I looking at as far as jail, fines, and anything eles.?
First, you need a Washington State DUI Defense Attorney and with that kind of history you are not going to get a...
I'm on probation for a DUI and failed my blow in the morning and now I've been summoned. What likely will happen?
This is my first dui and my probation stated that I'm not supposed to consume alcohol during this period of probation. I had some drinks at night and woke up to go to work and failed my blow test so I turned off my car and left it. This happened two separate times. Ive been summoned for a court hearing. What is the most common consequence for this violation? If jail time is needed, can I get work release during the days I'm serving? I'm afraid a public defender won't help much in this matter and not sure if a hired attorney would be able to do much either. Please help
It is hard to say what the court will do without knowing more about the judge in particular. What I suggest you do is...
Can the treatment portion of my DUI deferment be done at any time?
I have been offered a job out of state. It will only be for a few months, and due to my family's financial situation, I can't pass it up. I have been trying to get help from my public defender for months now, only to find out he's been fired. Nobody at the district court seems to return my calls, or give me any information other than I'll be assigned a new defender. In the meantime, I am only about half way through with my initial phase of treatment (72 hours of classes in 12 weeks). I don't want to just bail on my responsibilities, but what do I need to do? I know there are AA meetings where I'll be going, I have the IID and am paying my fines like I am supposed to. Can I postpone treatment until I get back?
You'll have to get permission fro the court. You'll likely need to hire a private attorney to help you or ask to speak...
I'm a 1st time dui offender and i failed 3 blows on my interlock. i got a court notice and am wondering what likely will happen
this is my first time for a dui
Without knowing the reason for the failure it's tough to say. If you were drinking, there is a strong possibility you...