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  • Police in Trump-supporting towns aid immigration off...

    Monday Nov 27 | via Reuters 

    Dozens of police departments in the United States have been granted new powers, or are seeking them, to check the immigration status of people they arrest, aiding President Donald Trump's broad crackdown on people living in the country illegally. Medallions are seen on the desk of Fred Harran, Director of Public Safety for the Bensalem Police Department, in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, U.S., October 26, 2017.


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  • Police in Trump-Supporting Towns Aid Immigration Off...

    Monday Nov 27 | via US News & World Report 

    Dozens of police departments in the United States have been granted new powers, or are seeking them, to check the immigration status of people they arrest, aiding President Donald Trump's broad crackdown on people living in the country illegally. Since Trump took office in January, 29 departments have joined a special program under which they are deputized to perform some tasks of immigration agents, doubling its size in 10 months, according to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.


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Bensalem Law

When being pulled over for DUI and they take your blood to test, do they automatically test for other drugs?
I was pulled over for DUI, was given a sobriety field test and a breathalyzer. I wasn't over the limit (.14 I think), cuffed, and taken to a hospital to have blood drawn. I had some other drugs in my system (cocaine and marijuana). When testing my blood, will definitely find the other drugs in my system? And can they change the charges if they do?
The best answer I can give you is, it depends. If the police suspect that there are drugs in your system and they have...
Retrieving my license
Hi, I have had served my time and given my license up years ago due to dui in the past. (Approx. 4 yrs ago.) My license was supposed to be restored but I am now finding, the court office is now saying that they never received my license. I just now filed a form claiming I didn't have it, and now I am advise to contact a lawyer. I am told I am not credited for my original suspension, isn't this documented when and where it happened? I need my license back so I can work, my livelihood relies on getting my life back together, starting with my license. Please contact me as soon as possible. 267-467-0325. Have a great afternoon, William Burns
Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. You must reach out to an attorney; not the other way around. The best place to...
What kind of warrant is issued for failing to turn yourself into jail in PA and what amount of additional jail time is imposed?
I received a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 days for my first DUI but the judge stated she was going to have me drug tested and if I failed the term would be the max 6 months I am moving to California and just want to know what my repercussions will be when I return to take care of this
I suggest that you do not go to California until you have completed whatever sentence is imposed. If you do not...
Dui charge
Hello, my husband recently was charged with the dui that happened over a year ago, no blood was taken only breath test that showed nothing, also that was a minor car accident, he was arrested at that time for a warrant on a dui from 2007 and served his time, now bucks county claiming that they have metabolite evidence of alcohol and drugs. Help.. The only blood that was taking from him was at the Philadelphia prison, which is mandatory when you are sentenced or booked. Are they allowed to use this as evidence???? How can we fight this.... Need legal advise please
I am unaware of mandatory blood testing for probation violations or for being booked into a County prison. Recently,...
My husband was charged with dui two weeks ago, for a pull over over a year ago, how is that possible??
He was not charged for a dui back on may 2015, but was arrested for warrant that he served. On his record there is a dui for 2003 and 2007. When he was arrested on may of 2015 he served his second dui for 2007. He spent 6 month in jail. Now bucks county is charging him with a dui for may of 2015. How is that possible? Will this dui be considered his third if convicted or second??? Please help!!!!
Bucks County's crime lab has been a mess lately especially in cases where drugs are involved. It is not unusual for...
We have court in two hours and need a lawyer!!!!!! HELP. IT 's for driving with DUI suspension in Bucks county, PA
please can anyone help It's at 2:00
Use the Find a Lawyer tab. This is the Q and A section. Lawyers are generally not going to post here offering their...
Question regarding driving under a DUI Suspension in Pennsylvania.
I'm wondering if the judge has room for any leniency in the 60-90 day jail sentence. I am not familiar with mandatory. My boyfriend has a DUI suspension. One night I refused to drive home on a last leg of a long trip. I was sick and cranky and honestly, I was being an a**hole. . WE get pulled over. His court date is approaching and wondering if there is any way I can help him. I feel awful.
The judge has no discretion as to the penalty (jail time). The best way you can help him is to retain an experienced...