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How should I go about reinstating my CA drivers license?
I have a CA drivers license and received a negligent driving 1st degree charge in WA state (reduced from DUI) with a subsequent 1 year suspension (refused breathalyzer). My 1 year suspension is up end of January but I have heard that my CA license can be reinstated as negligent driving 1st degree is not a crime in CA. I have recently purchased and registered a motorcycle in CA and have gone into the DMV and was allowed to receive a motorcycle permit as well as register for a behind the wheel test to gain a new motorcycle license. Before I can take the driving test I must insure my motorcycle. Should I insure it with SR 22 and take the test now or wait until suspension is up? Are there any separate forms to reinstate a license or does the permit act as reinstatement?
Check with DMV and see what they require. California is part of the Drivers License Compact, which means that it...
What will happen to me for a first time DUI in Marin County?
I was pulled over for swerving and failed a sobriety test.
Six months suspension Alcohol school Fines, possible jail time or community service information probation...
How can I get my suspended Ca Driver's License re-instated from a misdemeanor non- injury to property or person Marin County DUI
Counselor: In the year 2000, here in Kentfield,Marin County I got arrested & convicted for a misdemeanor non-injury-damage to person or property 17. 50 years ago.I haven't driven since & DMV gal at Corte Madera DMV Entry Window pulled me up on her computer & said: " Hmm. Nothing on your record since that 2000 DUI. You can get your license back for $141 and NO DUI School."" I already long ago paid the fines,chose some community service etc. but did not take the 18 month DUI School back then. I have no criminal nor otherwise police/court/DMV violation- record of any kind. Her suggestion,although I believe her,and IT CAN get done without DUI School........ did not work at the window she sent me to......TWICE that day in Autumn 2016. What should I do ? San Francisco Driver Safety Hearing or ? Please advise. Thank-you Counselor. Thomas Patrick Riley, Jr; Boston, Massachusetts Native son.
The 18 month DUI school only applies when someone gets a DUI with a prior conviction within a specified period (...
How to reduce monthly court payments to a reasonable amount
I got a DUI about 2 years ago and have done all the requirements. The only thing left I have to deal with is the court fees. The county I live in, Marin Co., had determined how much I have to pay each month. I first tried community service but was not able to do the hours needed in the amount of time given, even after an extension of time. I converted them back to payments, but the amount required each month is putting a great financial burden on me. So much so that I have had hock belongings to pay and almost not able to pay my rent and bills. I filled out a form requesting the judge reduce my payments and give me more time, but was denied. I am told that if I don't pay the amount they say I must, they will add $300 and suspend my license again. I am poor and even more so now since my partner of 7 years passed away in November and I am now on my own. I have no assets and no credit and am desperate for some relief from these high payments every month. My probation isn't up for a year and 2 months. I don't understand why I can't stretch the payments out for that amount of time. If I could, the amounts would be reasonable and not cause so much distress. Please help.
Well a second job might help you pay.
What does it mean when on my CA DMV Driving record it says "Action Ended: 12-08-12" after a violation?
This notation appears after License suspension notices and a failure to appear notice, and NEG OP PROOF REQ Notice.
Most likely that's when the suspension ended.
I Was arrested for alleged dui on 4/24/15 And asked the panel for advice. The following Decision was rendered.
Thank you all for your help. No charges were filed my BAC was .06. Location of the incident was Marin County Ca. In addition the speeding infraction was not filed. I lucked out!
Glad to hear, thanks for the update. Hopefully you have learned a lesson through all this. Best of luck
DUI and hit a parked car and left.
I was followed outside of a bar by cops and they witnessed me hit a parked car and take off back home. I was arrested and held for6 hours. Will I go to jail? What will happen to my license?
It sounds like they saw you hit and run with property damage. You should get a lawyer - AVVO has a find a lawyer...