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How do I file a motion for a new trial in a DWI case?
I wasn't satisfied with my attorney AT ALL during my judge trial for a DWI case. He never raised pertinent issues and actually allowed new statements and evidence to be introduced without objecting. I want to file a motion for new trial pro se and I need information in how to do so.
You will want to consult with a new DWI trial attorney. New trial motions can be complicated, and it's a tough road...
Can one or my 2 DUI cases be expunged in DC?
I had 2 DUI cases back in 2006, my question is , if one or my 2 cases can be expunged from my record.
You should post this question in the DC forum. Repost it and list your location as Washington DC.
Probation before. Judgement
Judge gave me unsupervised PBJ...for driving with suspended if i get pull over by a police for failing to stop at a stop sign, is that considered a violating my probation or it is only for must appear offenses
The probation order signed by the Judge acts like a contract. If the terms of the probation state that you are to obey...
How long does a DUI stay on your driving record in Maryland?
I got a DUI In West Virginia and I'm wondering how long it stays on your driving record in Maryland.
Your answer is in two parts.Many states will report DUI convictions as a lifetime conviction record.All states now have...
I received a DUI on November 2008 and got a PBJ at court. Can I still say "NO" to Job n school applications to if ever arrested?
I had an accident on the beltway on November 2008 in which I was hospitalized and was given a DWI at the hospital after alcohol was detected from my breath. Later in April 2009, I received a PBJ after hearing at the court. So as I was not physically arrested and because I received a PBJ, can I answer "NO" to questions in job and school applications were it asks have you ever been arrested? As I am from Maryland, it shows under MD case search online and is available for access for everyone who has internet. When I asked how to expunge it, I was informed DWI charges cannot be expunged. Is there a way I can take it off from the public records? Thank you in advance for your help. I am applying to some grad. schools and some jobs and this is very important.
If you were not taken into custody, then you can answer truthfully that you were not arrested. As to the PBJ, you were...
Can I apply for a US Citizenship now with a DWI that was received on November 2008?
I had an accident on the beltway on November 2008 in which I was hospitalized and was given a DWI at the hospital after alcohol was detected from my breath. I was not physically arrested or taken to the jail. So does this still require me to answer 'YES' to the question: Have you ever been arrested? I was taken to the court on April 2009 and I received probation before judgment (PBJ) with one year probation. As I had received admission to a medical school outside United States, I was taken off from the probation by the judge as on September 2009 after I had met all other probation requirements such as finishing an alcohol education class and meeting with probation officer every month. I received my green card along with my family on January 2004 and can i apply for citizenship now?
It will be necessary for you to respond in the affirmative to the questions about being arrested, cited, detained,...
Submitting some documentation related to DUI to court.
I got a PBJ for DUI about 5 months ago. The judge said that he does not want me to get a negative impact for looking for my jobs, and willing to do something for me. I assume that I need to submit some sheet or whatever I need to be prepared for that. Is anybody know what can I do for that?
The judge gave you probation before judgment to prevent you from having a DUI conviction on your record. I am not aware...