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WV resident with a Marietta, OH DUI. Paid fines, fees, sent proof of insurance and did classes.
Still haven't gotten my clearance. Still on the NDR. They (OH) posted my payment, but not proof of insurance. Why?
That's hard to say without seeing the whole case. It could just be paperwork and bureaucracy. How long have you been...
I got OVI 7/16 in Ohio. I have WV drivers license. By checking online with WV DMV website, my license is active.
How long until it catches up with me?
That's difficult to say. It's all a matter of how long the various bureaucracies take to do their paperwork. It could...
How long can arizona dmv keep your license suspended?
I got a DUI in 2009 in Arizona. I am now in Ohio , I checked on getting my license back in 2010-2011 and was told I had to get a breathalyzer. I had a breathalyzer for a bread time until I was no longer able to afford it after having my stage 3 cancer removed. I now want to drive again and don't know where to start.
You should hire a lawyer to look into this, and what needs to be done to lift the suspension. No one on this website...
How long will a warrant stay active in Ohio
for a DUI
Forever, unless you clear it up or get arrested. @BangerterLaw
2nd offense OVI arrest (1st conviction 2007). Can charge be reduced if no breathalyzer result?
I was pulled over for left of center. State trooper asked if I had been drinking & I said I had a drink with dinner 4 hours earlier. He said he smelled alcohol & my eyes were bloodshot. He took me to station for FST & breathalyzer. Breathalyzer resulted in 3 invalid samples. I completed FTS walk and turn tests-didn't have to stop & start and didn't stumble. Completed leg raise test without falling or problems balancing. These tests were done one hour after the initial stop. I was cooperative, though crying alot. Since there is no breath test, is there a chance I could get this reduced to a lesser charge even though its my 2nd offense?
An experienced DUI defense attorney will review the police report, the record keeping of the machine, available videos...
I am 33 this is my first offense, I refused breath test, althoughI took the heel toe and and stopped on my own. charged omvi
Im 33 years old and very close to obtaining my nursing degree.....this happened in washington county, I have a chance. Officer stated I went off the right side (white line) and my eyes were red. He had been sitting within a mile from the bar and possibly saw me pull in or out. I bartend part time at this bar and have already been pulled over two months ago and followed home several times.
Do you have a chance? Sure, but you're looking at a trial, with no guarantees. There should be somebody in Marietta who...
My friend was charged with having a firearm while intoxicated.
he was on private property, and when the gave him the breathalyzer be only blew a .069 which is below the legal limit for intoxication (.08) the firearm was not loaded. he did not even have the ammo for it anywhere near him. what are the maximum/ minimum penalties he could be looking at. and does the charge still stand even though he was below the legal limit and on private property?
The state can prove intoxication even if the person is below the legal limit although it is more difficult for them to...