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    Monday Jun 22 | via WFMJ-TV Youngstown 

    State Troopers with the Ohio State Highway Patrol have identified the victim of a plane crash in Beloit Township on Friday. According to Ohio State Patrol, 72-year-old Robert Stuhlmiller, of Alliance, died after sustaining heavy injuries when the plane he was flying crashed.


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I have a friend who has 2 dui's in OH..He is on probation..He just got arrested for DUI in WV. Will it be considered the 3rd?
He just had his second dui here in OH 5 months ago..When arrested in WV he was drunk, speeding, traveling in the middle of the road, carrying a few grams of pot and a pipe..He also has drug charges in he going away for a while?
The penalties he faces in Ohio depend on the specific charges. For a few grams of pot and a pipe he is looking at low-...
I pleaded guilty to an ovi on april 23 2008 and recently got cited may 30 2014 what should i this considered a second
Offense or first offense since ohio has a lookback period
No. It is not considered a second offense within 6 years. However if you refused the chemical test you are still...
Please help!
My husband is on probation for a dui and for also driving under ovi suspension. Last week he got arrested again for "indecent exposure" (for peeing in someones yard) and didnt go to his court date. The police came to the house and got him and now he has a probation violation. He is sitting in jail and we have a 10 day old newborn. I dont have money to buy him a lawyer and when he went to court he was still to drunk to tell the judge he needed a lawyer. Is there anyway I can get him a court appointed lawyer? Hes been to rehab so many times so I honestly think jail might be the rock bottom he needs to hit. Does anybody also know what kind of sentencing he is facing? Thank you for all of your help!
It is not too late for him to ask for a court-appointed lawyer and he absolutely should do so as soon as possible....
What is the lookback period in youngstown ohio..i have one prior ovi conviction from april 22 2008
And was cited for one may 30 will the lookback period affect me...will i fall over the 6 years .what penalties may i face..
Ohio law provides for harsher penalties if you get a second DUI in 6 years. The dates of importance are the date of the...
I have a prior ovi conviction from april 22 2006 and was cited for an ovi may 30 2014. Since ohio has a lookback period what
Role does it play for possible new ovi charge..will this be considered a first or second ovi since new pending charge happened after 6years of the first conviction
It will still be viewed as a second OVI, but you will not be exposed to the extra, mandatory jail time a person is...
I was convicted of an low tier .08 ovi on april 22 portage county..i just got cited may 30 2014 for an ovi .123 in
Youngstown go back to court in august..since ohio has a lookback period of six years and my ticket was may30 2014 what penalties do i face..will this new citation b an second ovi charge or a first being i got the ticket outside of the lookback period by a month
This will still be your second offense, but not in 6 years. The look back period requires the court to increase the...
I was convicted of an ovi on april 22 2008..i just got cited for an ovi in youngstown ohio on may 30 2014..
I go back to.court august 20 2014..for a pre trial..will this be considered a first ovi or a second ovi..both were low tier...since ohio has a look back period of six years what penalties do i face..since im not actually convicted yet of the recent ovi charge
You need to hire a criminal defense in your area. Hire an OH criminal defense attorney to review both cases and the...