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  • Making sense of a massacre: NDNU community holds vig...

    Thursday Jun 16 | via San Mateo Daily Journal 

    Jaxey Cantu, a student at Notre Dame de Namur University, designs a portion of the banner crafted during the vigil which will be sent to Orlando in support of the victims of last weekend's tragedy. In the days immediately after the Orlando nightclub massacre, Jaxey Cantu felt so threatened she was reluctant to leave her home.


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  • San Carlos woman enters plea to long list of charges...

    May 19, 2016 | via Inside Bay Area 

    A woman accused of leading police on a wild chase in San Carlos that ended with a deputy ramming her off the road with his patrol car last month pleaded not guilty to a long list of charges on Monday, prosecutors said Wednesday. San Carlos resident Karen Teichmann, 54, is charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a police officer, two counts of making a bomb threat, fleeing police, and two counts of vandalism, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney's Office.


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Belmont Law

CA DUI IID installation
Can the DMV in CA order the installation of an Igniting Interlock Devi device for a DUI conviction if the court did not order it?
If the DUI conviction happened in one of the four pilot counties then yes.
Interlock devise and buying a car
In order to be able to get restricted license I need to install an IID devise in the vehicle but I don't have a vehicle right now But how can I buy a car to install the devise if my license is suspended Thank you Sam Dafnis
You will not need a car to drive anyway because you have lost driving privileges.
H1-B visa renewal with a DUI arrest and no charges filed.
I am on an H1-B visa. The visa stamp in my passport expired and I need to get it renewed when I travel to my home country. In January 2014 I was arrested on charges of a DUI i.e. VC 23152(A). The DA did not file a complaint, hence no arraignment and no hearing. If I were to travel abroad, would I face issues in getting the visa stamp in passport renewed? What steps and documentation can I carry to avoid trouble with getting my visa renewed?
Since you have no conviction, the DUI arrest should not cause a problem for a visa application.
I am 17 and got a DUI with a BAC of .15 what are the most likely consequences and actions that will be taken against me?
I was not speeding or driving recklessly, I got pulled over for making an illegal turn and having my high beams on. Nobody was hurt or injured and I was just wondering what the most likely outcome of the court hearings will be. Also if I will most likely be tried as a minor or adult, my birthday is on November 26.
One year hard suspension with possible critical needs license plus a juvenile adjudication in court.
Hit by a drunk driver, a hit and run. Minor injuries at the time have worsened.
I was hit by a drunk driver in a hit and run accident.My two kids were in the car with me.Our car was totaled.There were witnesses and he was arrested. I testified at his hearing that I had some minor pain in my neck and my wrist. My kids have no signs of injury. I went to Kaiser following the injury and they took an xray of my wrist and said it was sprained. My neck xray was clear. I went to a chiropractor who told me I was all screwed up but could fix me in 6 mo. and would be happy to bill my insurance. I am having trouble at work lately with my neck, i have to lean my head back because I can't hold it up for long and have lost a lot of range of motion. i also cannot look up without pain. What should i do? accident was 6 months ago. The driver had progressive insurance and some priors.
You should hire a competent personal injury attorney to help you evaluate your claims and assist you in obtaining an...
Auto accident, hit by drunk driver who ran a red light, do I need a lawyer?
I was making a left turn in a green arrow and got hit by a person who ran a red light. Police came and performed test on him and he was intoxicated and hand cuffed into police car. My car looked really bad, but may or may not qualified to be totaled since its new BMW and quite expensive. I have horrible neck, back, and rib pain after the adrenaline rush subsided. I went to er and got x ray bones are okay. Do I need a lawyer in this case? I believe the other party has insurance. I do as well, but apparently it does not have medical included. I do have personal medical insurance through work. I'm worried if the insurance say will fix the car, then is this considered part of the compensation and the lawyer will take 33% of that?
Of course you need a personal injury attorney. Such attorneys work on contingent fee arrangements, meaning they take a...
I'm a green card holder, and im still on dui probation,can I travel to Philippines without a problem?
Green card holder traveling abroad in 2 weeks, I'm still on probation of DUI, i got it 1 year ago. My DUI was just a simple DUI, no damages, no one got Hurt. Can I travel with out any problem? Do I need to get something from court? Please help!
You can travel, but make sure to carry a certified copy of the court's interim final disposition document on you upon...