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My blood alcohol reading was .15 . I am an insulin dpendent diabetic whose blood glucose reading was 339 at the same time .
Find a lawyer to represent you in this. The proper experts will have to be found and examined on the stand by your attorney.
I have been convicted of a DUI .08-.10 in New jersey. I'm a Florida resident, am I allowed to drive in Florida.
All my fines are being sastified in New Jersey
The conviction applies to your New Jersey priviledges. Florida will be notifed of the conviction. Most likely, they...
If on third or more DUI conviction can jail term be served on weekends in NJ?
Weekend jail time for third or more DUI offense, is it possible In new jersey?
For a third or subsequent DUI conviction in New Jersey, there is a mandatory 6-month jail sentence. Up to 90 days of...
My boyfriend has a dui on his record- in 2014- he is applying for a chemist job- non driving related/job related job..
he is writing on the application that he has this dui- but again, applying for a job where driving is not job related (only to commute) can the employer dismiss him because of the dui- even if it is not job related? we live in NJ
Yes. Often the insurance carrier for liability will insist on it.
Is it possible to not serve jail time if someone is charged with 4 separate DUI's in a months time? All cases are pending.
An individual has a valid driver's license but is charged with 4 seperate DUI's in a months time period in 3 separate municipalities. All are a result from suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, no motor vehicle accidents occurred, no criminal charges (possession, etc.) were pressed and the individual has displayed efforts to get themselves clean.
This is impossible to answer at this point. Moe info is needed to answer this question such as the persons prior...
I have a ticket for driving on suspended license for DWI for first time. And no registration. Can it downgraded with a lawyer?
I moved a car from where I live from the driveway to the street to park it.
You may not drive a car for any reason if your license is suspended, even for that short a distance. If it’s suspended...
I have a third DUI in the state of New Jersey which state can I obtain a drivers license
I have a third DUI in the state of New Jersey which state can I obtain a drivers license
The various States share Drivers License information and honor each others restrictions.