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I got my first dui 7/19/2014 i went to court yesterday 7/24/2014 i pled not guilty i need advice
i got my first dui 7/19/2014 a deer ran out in front of me i served to miss him and lost control of my jeep it filped and they charged me with a dui i have no driving record nothing i have to defend my self im on disability and cant afford a attorney i have no money i have no chose if i get a court app. attorney here i might as well plea guilty if i ask for a motion of the court what will happen if i ask for file a motion to compel discover what will happen i need help i need advice thank you
You should request the court appointed attorney at you next date. You may think this person wont be a big help, but...
Will I get charged for marijuana in my system if I got a dui for alcohol?
I smoked the night before I got arrested, but not the night of and I didn't have anything on me. I'm a pharmacy tech that made some bad mistakes I haven't smoked or drank since and I just don't want to lose my job. I can keep it if I'm not charged for marijuana in my system
Only the prosecutor knows what they will charge you for. Hire a criminal defense attorney to help you protect yourself...
Why are there no minimum limits with prescription drugs like xanax? will adderal get u a dui?
I was recently charged with a DUI with a very small amount of my prescribed Xanax in my system. i also had prescribed prozac and adderal in my blood. I had no idea that taking my prescription meds would get me in so much trouble. The night before i had my vechicle stolen and had spent most of the night on a gas station bench and then worked with police for most of the day to recover it. I had taken a xanax early in the process because of my anxiety about the situation. I recovered my vehicle and was returning home when i got sleepy at the wheel and crossed a yellow line. i should not have been driving tired but i was not intoxicated. i had taken .5 mgs 6 hours before i was pulled over. In the past a small amount of xanax i felt did not hurt my driving and i did not know it was illegal to take while driving. The amount in my system was very small and well below therapeutic limits. I asked my doctor, pharmacist and lawyer and no one could give me a concrete explanation of the law of which i had been charged. From what i understand it is only illegal to drive badly on xanax. Now i will not drive until 8 hours after taking Xanax. i take adderal too, can i get a dui from that also?
It is illegal to drive badly under the influence of any drug, prescribed or not. That’s why many drugs warn people...
My ex got arrested for oxycodone possession as well as drug paraphernalia and DUI with our child in the car.
He got pulled over with oxycodone pills just two. But he also had drug paraphernalia such as straws with crushed residue in side. My four-year-old son was inside the vehicle. I'm just curious what charges he may be facing such as child endangerment and how long he could potentially go to jail or prison. I would also like to know what the likelihood of me getting full physical and legal custody. He failed all of his sobriety test a hospital did a blood test and he was positive.
Well, it sounds like he could be charged with two felonies (Possession of a controlled substance-2 counts) , 1 count of...
Is there anyway to get him moved back to a we work pod ?
There paperwork errors are why he was move off the errors where fixed but he wasn't moved back I was told to puck him up Feb 12 why are the laws different in Haywood county we are from SC they didn't have a paper showing where the illedge substantial was tested then had one john says its not him hand writing we paid a lawyer till we where drained DRI n after 2 years we gave up he's a cattle truck driver n I'm struggling to keep the lights on
you post makes no sense I can discern. Someone "him"(?) made some paperwork errors. You picked someone up on...
Am I being charged correctly or what do I need to do ?
I recently had my pre trial diversion terminated for failing a drug test while on probation. My original charge was theft under 500. When I went to court to get the penalty for failing the test my appointed lawyer handed me the paper to sign with my charges (which said simple possession and 30 days of jail.) And instead of jail they gave me 60 days of house arrest. I have never been in trouble till this so I thought the simple possession was for failing the drug test. I know people who have violated probation for the first time and it's been nothing like what I am going through.
You make the decision on what to do in your case. Every case is different.
Can I get my third DUI reduced to second DUI if my second was reduced to my first also can I have it put off for up to a year
Was pulled over for headlight out after how long without blood work do they have to dismiss it
Potentially and no but if blood does not come back within a year a good attorney can file a motion to dismiss.