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  • Rockland police blotter

    Thursday Aug 27 | via Herald Gazette 

    Mark Gagne, 32, of Friendship, charged with criminal trespass, theft, possession of a firearm by a felon by Officer Jacob Shirey. Joshua Steeves, 30, of Rockland, cited for raising the front wheel of a motor cycle off the public way, failing to produce evidence of insurance and failing to display a certificate of inspection by Sgt.


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Bellmore Law

If i get convicted of 3rd dwi in ny.... in 25 yrs my license is suspended for 5yrs
1998 conviction 2012 conviction 2014 charged
Is there a question I'm missing? I'm not sure what your point is.
What happens with 1 st petit larceny but prior dwi ?
I got arrested for petit larceny the other day wwhich was my first offense of such crime. I was previously arrested in 2011 for dwi which got dropped to a dui with community service. Although these are not the same offenses what could possibly be the outcome of this new case?
The prosecutor will always consider your prior record when formulating a plea offer. Fortunately you don't have an...
Aggravated DWI .18 and hit parked vehicle, what type of sentence am I looking at?
Long story short, fell asleep behind the wheel while intoxicated and rear ended a parked car. I blew a .18 in the precinct. I was released to probation and have my first court date on March 6th. I have a clean record. What is my best case scenario?
Your best case scenario is to hire a lawyer. Contact me and I will refer you to a good lawyer who was an ex-district...
What penalties can I expect to face for a chemical refusal in ny?
I was arrested for a dui and chemical test refusal. At plea hearing the dui charge was dropped. I face sentencing for the refusal.
You don't get sentenced for refusing the test. It's an administrative penalty where your license will be revoked for a...
What does this charge operating in violating of restrictions mean ?
There was 4 charges all together and I just want to know that this one particular charge mean. Dwi Driving while intoxicated Aggravated dwi And operating in violating of restrictions.
It depends on what section of the vehicle and traffic law it is alleged that you violated. If this is a ticket for...
I got charged a E felony for my second dwi... but only blew a 0.07. Can they keep my fathers car that is not registered to me?
Got a dwi in nassau county May 2012 then got a dwi/e felony and dwai at the same time on Aug 2015
They can try to keep your father's car due to your prior conviction. There are defenses to this and you need to hire a...
If i get convicted of E felony dwi how long will it take for me to get my license back if i choose not to do the interlock devic
Blew 0.07 on second dwi. In 3 yrs
The ignition interlock device is a requirement of the sentence on a felony DWI in New York.