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Can I get an extension on the ham program
I have completed all my ABC classes, got the breathalyzer, did the MADD program. I haven't done the HAM so when I went to apply they gave me a time they will let me in and it's after my due date. All other programs were scheduled and started same day or a week later. I wasn't aware that the HAM would take 2-5 months to get done. I got an plea for an extension from the volunteer center and they will schedule me a class after I get permission from the judge for an extension. If I have finished all my programs (besides the HAM) what are my chances of getting an extension? It's my first and last DUI. Would I need an attorney present?
Yes, the Judge will probably give you a continuance. Try to get proof that you enrolled, or tried to, as well as proof...
I have no idea what to expect for a old dui.
What should I expect. When I go to court for a old dui that happen in 2009. I don't think I was still on probation when I got pulled over on 2014. Then I had news for a warrant I had even though I finished the dui program and payed my fines. I have no idea what to expect .
You should speak to the lawyer who represented you in 2009. If you didn't have one or don't like them, get a new one...
How does the whole court imposed Driver's License suspension process go?
I served an APS suspension (lost my DMV hearing) period from January 2015 thru August 2015. I was on a Restricted License from April to August. I've had a full unrestricted license since then, but I was just convicted in court (went to trial and lost) about three weeks ago. Sentencing is about a week away. I would mainly want to know how long the suspension is and whatever process the DMV requires to get my license back after a conviction. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Arrested July 10th 2014 BAC: .10 First time DUI, no aggravating factors
Your attorney should really explain this to you. The DMV will want another "reissue fee" and your license will be...
How to be reinstated in DUI traffic program
I was recently terminated from a 6 month DUI traffic program for excessive absences and am not sure what I need to do to be reinstated in my program. The court that handled my DUI infraction was the Bellflower Superior Court. Do I need to go back to that specific court? None of the provided numbers online are working. Can I just show up and request a court date? Also, I know I need a "referral" to be reinstated, but what exactly is this? Is it a judge's ruling for me to be referred back into the program? Or is it paperwork I can process at the clerk's office and submit to my traffic school? I'm trying to continue my program as soon as possible but there's very little information on the technical process of being reinstated. I can't even get a hold anyone at the bellflower court!
On a first-time reinstatement, the process should be simple. Get to the courthouse at 800 am and stand in line at the "...
Can I still get a restricted license after my first DWSL?
I got a DUI on August 2013. I was eligible for a license on April 2014. I wasn't able to get it reinstated because I was having financial problems. I got pulled over on Sept 2014 because of tinted windows. I was able to get an SR-22 the next day and also went to the DMV and got my license back. My court date is in Dec 2014. Will my license be taken away again even though I completed everything the next day? If so, can I still get a restricted license? Will I got jail? Possible charges?
You do not say what you were charged with in September. If it was driving without a license, and you got your license,...
Employment Denied for DUI arrest
I was offered employment with a city in CA. It's a desk job- I will not be working with kids or elders and I'm not required to drive for my job. 6 months ago, I was arrested for a DUI but have a court trial still pending and there has not been a conviction on my record as of yet. A Live Scan background check was conducted and there's currently an 'administrative delay' on my live scan which prevents me from moving forward in my employment onboarding process. I know my arrest probably showed up along with any pending court cases on my background check. This is my first arrest and only offense on my record. Will I be denied employment with the city because of my DUI arrest? Can anyone give me better insight on what to expect? Thank you
Whether your going to be denied employment do to a first DUI is dependent upon the person who is hiring you. I know...
If I have a DUI charge, will that delay my immigration adjustment to permanent residency from asylum status?
I have a DUI charge that I want to avoid conviction on so am planning on entering the 2-year deferred prosecution program. My asylum status has been approved and it is time for me to file for permanent residency. I was wondering if this DUI charge that is pending until I complete the program will delay my adjustment of status to permanent residency from asylum status.
No, but it will create an inquiry.