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I have recently relocated to FL from WI and am curious if my speeding tickets and DUI (1st offense) ticket will automatically transfer to my FL drivers license. I have cleared up all tickets and have a current valid license in WI. Not sure if I need to declare these items or just forget about them now.
Yes, your driving record follows you. I have attached a link below that may answer more questions for you. Sincerely,...
I was convicted of a dui3 within 10 years.Does this by Fl. law carry a prison sentence? I was also driving on a suspended license.
A third-time DUI conviction in Florida is a third-degree felony if the third conviction is within ten years of any...
My court date i did not go to was to select a jury. I believe a no bond. Bench warrent has been issued
Almost definitely yes. Hire an attorney ASAP and handle the issue instead of running away from it. Fleeing the state...
2 prior driving suspended unknowingly before Dwi now the ticket he has says third degree felony what is going to happen
He needs to retain a good DUI lawyer. This is a serious charge. The lawyer can guide him through the process.
Had a dwi two prior driving on a suspended license before the dwi unknowingly. After the dwi license was suspended and caught driving went to jail for 90 days.. but not for a dui.. and yesterday got caught driving on the 5 year suspended license. What sentence could be faced. Oh and a hernando come let him go with a ticket instead of taking to jail
In Hernando County, you are facing up to five years in prison. Driving while license suspended, after being declared a...
I have been on probation for 11 months now for a DUI. I end in less than three weeks. I have done everything I was supposed to do. My schooling, my victim impact panel, my service hours and have never failed or missed a drug screen. The only thing is I am past due on court fees. I owe a large sum. My probation officer's supervisor had her to type up a violation report and eventually issue a warrant. Seeing that I have completed everything required on my probation minus the fact that I still owe money when I do go to jail and at my first appearance , what are my chances on the judge overruling my case and just having me do a payment plan and not serve any jail time at all? I have no prior record except for my DUI I received 11 months ago, and was released on ROR
This is a somewhat complicated issue that was recently addressed by the Florida supreme court. The court held: before...
Im just starting my probation and I asked a question about buying out my probation. The advice I got was I could possibly buy out the cost of supervision. What exactly does this mean?
You can pay off the cost of supervision, which is a monthly fee assessed by the entity that is in charge of your...