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  • Joshua Tagliaboski

    Sunday Jul 3 | via WAVY-TV Portsmouth 

    With the Fourth of July right around the corner everyone will be oohing and ahhing at the sight of fireworks. And since ninety percent of Am Good news for pet owners, as the FDA approved a new drug that will calm dogs who are anxious during storms or fireworks.


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  • The Blonde Cucina: Feature Explosive Flavors on the ...

    Sunday Jul 3 | via 

    Folks, the Fourth of July is just a day away. What are you doing this year? Are you planning a festive party? Are you attending a picnic and need to bring a covered dish? Or, are you just staying at home, having a little cookout before you make your way to State College for the Fourth Fest fireworks spectacular? No matter what you do, I have some recipes that will burst with flavor, just like those fireworks you'll be watching.


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  • Ferguson Township Police Investigating Gunpoint Robbery

    Saturday Jul 2 | via 

    Ferguson Township Police are investigating a robbery with a handgun that happened on the Havershire Boulevard bike path Friday night. A 26-year-old college male was jogging on the bike path at 9:15 p.m. when he was confronted by another male who pointed a handgun at him.


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Bellefonte Law

Are first offence DUIs entered into NCIC database?
If they do so, at what point do they enter it into NCIC? After fingerprints are taken, charges filed or result of conviction? The place is Centre County, PA.
When you are processed ie printed and mug shots taken they are transmitted to the PA State police and then to the FBI...
How much time does it take for DUI charges to be filed in Centre County, PA?
When will I receive the summons/complaint? If I apply to participate in ARD, am I going to be required to be present in front of the court or DA or can my attorney take care of everything behalf of me? And a last question, how much time will it take for me to learn if I am admitted to ARD or not.
Most officers in this area file charges within 2-3 weeks of the incident. In Centre County, you must appear for your...
Is there a possible dui or related charge in the situation?
Is there a possible dui/related charge in the situation where you are car camping and after drinking outside the car, with no driving involved, you are confronted by police while sleeping in the car? I live in pennsylvania. Thank you.
Possible? Yes. More facts would be needed about what happened after the initial police contact. Contact a local...
Do I have to participate in the VRP? Should I call to get my BAC? Should I get an attorney? Do I need to report to my employer?
I was arrested for DUI 11 days ago. I have not received my charges, result of BAC, or fines in the mail. I attempted to contact the officer who stopped me, but no return phone call. I was just going to wait but I received a referral to the VRP from the bureau of professional and occupational affairs. I am a registered nurse and a graduate student in nursing. I am so afraid of what disciplinary action I'm going to receive. This is my first ever dui arrest or any arrest at all.
Hello, I would highly advise you to speak to a criminal defense attorney immediately to discuss the case. The long term...
I was arrested for DUI and I am 18 with no prior record. Approximate BAC: 0.8 - 0.10 Do I have a case/need an attorney? 7-25-14
I was pulled over and told I blew through a stop sign around 1:15 a.m. However, I was not pulled over for 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile after the supposed stop sign I blew through. I do not think I blew through a stop sign, as I have lived in this area for over ten years and remember stopping at the only stop sign close to where I was pulled over. They said they smelled alcohol on my breath, but I had a friend in the car as well. I passed their sobriety tests except for one tiny stumble over 3 separate tests. Then I was arrested for DUI and taken to a hospital for bloodwork, which I am still awaiting. I expect the BAC to come back around 0.8 - 0.10. After being read my rights, I admitted to drinking approximately 6 shots around 11 P.M. I told them I felt sober and coherent. Do I have a chance here?
There's no way for an attorney to tell you what your chances are without looking at the evidence. I just got off a...
Do you have to show your license at a DUI checkpoint in PA?
I went through a checkpoint today and the officer demanded my license. He then told me that I always have to give them my license if requested, even when walking down the street. I know that is bull. Do I have to present my license at a checkpoint?
Were you the driver? Title 75, Section 1511 says, in part: § 1511. Carrying and exhibiting driver's license on...
How many years after 2nd DUI must pass to be able to get ARD
I had 2nd DUI 24 years ago, also had minor traffic accident on this charge
For ARD purposes, the relevant look-back period is 10 years, so technically you are eligible. However, each county's...