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I have a contempt warrant in an Ohio Municipal court. I have been in Florida for almost two years now.
The charge was disorderly conduct which is a M4 in Ohio. Since then I've been pulled over in Florida and my license have been ran with no problems. I have had contact with police since and my name has been ran by the police with no problem. I owe a fine and that's it. The problem I forsee is the municipal court has a warrant block on my license. My license is not suspended. Is there any way I could file a motion in the municipal court pro se to try and straighten this up and why haven't they tried to extradite me?
Try asking this question again using Ohio for the pool of lawyers there.
What do I do when I fail a drug test for a drug I am prescribed?
I failed a test for which I am prescribed. Now I was up front and honest about being short on my prescribed medication but I was still put down for a positive drug test that I am prescribed. Also I was told by the people who run the class if you are up front and honest about any drug issues you might be having before they administer the drug test they will back you in court. I would also like to now if this is true or not?
This is a serious issue. You should speak with your lawyer about how to deal with this potential violation.
Can my daughter who has a DUI in Illinois move to Florida?
When my daughter was 18 she got a DUI. About 8 years later she got a 2nd DUI. Both were in Illinois. She is now 27 lives in Illinois and is below poverty level. My husband and I are semi-retired. We've heard that it costs thousands. It breaks my heart, I am not in the position to help that way. If she moved here, at least we could make sure she had a place to live, and we could get her to work. Please help us.
This is not a family law question, nor is it really a question appropriate for Florida. You would want to repost it in...
Anything here going be enough reason for a dismissal when I got to dui trial
09/06/2015 I was involved in a crash. I went to get off the highway and as I was about to exit I hydro planed into the guard rail causing me to bounce of the rail back on the highway. In the process of waiting to come to a complete stop another vehicle swerved trying to avoid hitting me. Doing so it caused him to crash into the concrete barrier. The driver never hit me, and when the highway patrol pulled up 2 mins later I was in the driver seat or even in the truck. I was in the street talking to other driver when ask for Id and proof of registration. I ended up running from the scene and later charged with leaving the scene with property damage. There were open and closed beer in the back, in a cooler. In the affidavit it doesn't say anything about me admitting to be the driver. And I spent 112 days in jail before bonding out on those charges. I never wavied my right for speedy trial in open court but when looked up in public records is says that I did. How can I get a dismissal or any other plea deal that doesn't involve probation
You can start by consulting with and hiring a real world lawyer. AVVO (and similar sites) are wonderful sources of...
Will i go to prison or serve county time.. What will happen
I was released from prison april 2016 one of my charges was leaving the scene where a death occurd which resulted in my licence being revoked. I got a driving in a revoked licence and unlawful speed in december 2016. I have two prior driving on a suspended one in 2010 and 2011. Does this make me a habitual offender? In the state of Florida.
It is impossible to predict what will happen to you without far more facts that you provided in you Avvo post. If you...
What legal rights does my husband have on mist. probation for driving on suspended license/drug possession his PO violated
My husband had a dirty ua one time on mistomenor probation, his PO violated him. He does smoke THC due to high anxiety and is one medications for this. His PO violated him on one dirty urine. When he was stopped he had a suspended license for child support and had my medication in the car, which he was arrested for, he never did a drug test on arrest. Now his PO is wanting him to go to jail over dirty UA, but he is one Benzo for anxiety and insomnia and I'm worried about his health if he goes to jail. What legal rights does he have if any to help not put him in jail. His PO is abusing her power and wont' work with him, even though he has given all documentation to prove his poor health and low income. He only should be charged with driving on suspended license because car and meds were mine and I can prove it with a RX.
Hello.... Your husband is on PROBATION..... And marijuana is illegal in Florida. He does not enjoy the luxury...
Can i refuse service to a customer who gets drunk and harrasses me?
I work in a convenience store and have one customer who gets drunk and then comes in yelling across the store, changing prices, saying hes been ripped off by another cashier, etc. Hes beligerent and can barely stand up. I have to work alone and i dont feel safe when he comes in. Can i refuse to serve him like as soon as he enters the store?
Given the facts you describe, you probably have a basis to refuse service to an unruly and drunk customer. However,...