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Is it possible to change attorneys in a DWI case in the 9th hour? Thank you
After 1 year I am now being presented I am unable to get a reduction in the case.
You haven't provided a lot of information and the lack of information makes it difficult to answer your question. What...
Moving to NC from Florida with a second DUI conviction within 5 years.
I received my second due in dec 2012 (first was March 2009) and I am currently under the 5 year revocation. I had planned on returning to my home state of NC after the 5 years had passed (March 13 2018 is when the dmv stated I could obtain my license) but I will need the interlock device for a year. Is it possible to have the interlock monitoring completed in NC? I really want to move home now but clearly. We'd to drive so waiting another year is just a dreadful thought. Thank you
You will have to comply with the interlock requirement to retain your driving privileges in Florida and NC. Most...
I got a DUI in California a year and half ago. I just moved to florida and want to know if it will show on my new florida licenc
licences in California to unrestricted and insurable.
A DUI conviction follows you everywhere, forever.
Florida DUI. Administrative and Criminal suspensions over. Moving out of state. FR-44, SR-22 Question
Have a simple Florida dui with Florida license. 6 months Administrative and Criminal suspensions over. Been without a license for over 8 months. Moving to California the next month. My license is still suspended in Florida because of the FR-44 conviction. Would it be necessary that I buy FR-44 in Florida to terminate the suspension and then apply in CA or I can just apply in CA and the CA DMV will require that I have FR-44 under the CA license? Will this put me in any trouble if I'm caught driving in FL with a CA license? (visiting parents). Or do I have to have 2 insurance policies. FR-44 in FL and SR-22 in CA? Thank You.
Highly unlikely that CA will issue you a license while your Florida Driving Privileges are suspended due to the...
If I fail a drug test will my child automatically be taken away?
I have court due to driving with no valid license (not a suspended license, I have never had one)and I am worried I will be drug tested to get accepted into a diversion program. If I were to test positive, will DCF automatically get involved even though this case has nothing to do with my child, its all traffic court. How likely is this to happen? This is my first time dealing with the law.
Not likely on a traffic case. Also want to point out you cannot do a diversion program on a traffic charge.
Will my FL DL be suspended for a NC DUI conviction?
I got a DUI and my license was suspended in NC. I love in FL but my FL DL was never suspended. I am in the process of clearing up my suspension in NC by paying my last fine. By paying my last fine will that trigger something through the Interstate Compact and cause my FL DL to become suspended? Also, if it does not, am I at risk for my DL becoming suspended at renewal? My renewal is up in 2020 and the conviction was in 2013. Isnt there a timeframe that the DMV has to suspend my license? Can they still suspended at my renewal in 2020?
You should only have one driver's license. If you had a suspension in NC, then your Florida DL was suspended. Once you...
What happens now?
I was arrested in February for a DUI with property damage with a bac of 0.214. I have done through DUI school and my evaluation. As expected I was sentenced to extra treatment. I was rated a 49% risk for alcohol and a 0% risk for drugs by the suncoast evaluator. My question is rather or not I will be drug tested for marijuana at these extra treatment classes. P.S. I have my hardship license, own a business, am an account executive and regional supervisor for a security company and a full time student with no prior record or tickets, so my record looks good
I am sorry to hear that. Yes, you may be tested for marijuana while on probation. Please don't risk it.