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Mar3 charged with a misd blood work done not tested till July 9 mag hearing for Aug25 is there a staTue of limitations for this
It was a very foggy night I was driving slow because I did not know the area a passerby called in possible drunk driver as I found out when i seen lights on behind me I pulled over thinking They are going to pass me but they didn't and when they walked up to window they said I swerved which I did cause it was so foggy couldn't see anything until u were up on it and the siren lights startled me.they did a field sobriety test on me which I had passed then they said one officer specializes in eyes and looked in mt eyes then I told them I am prescribed neurotin oxycodone xanax and motrin and they took me for blood work now 5 months later I get a court date saying blood was just tested July 9th and charge me with DUI and I drove home that night after the hospital
Yes. The statute of limitations is two years. So you are well within it. The bad news, if you are prescribed the...
I'm 56years old never had a dui. Lose drivingli til 2021 is there a way I get them back
Lose my driving 1995 never kill r wreck no speed tickets them do to my husband sold.a car in my name it got wreck
It will be difficult to give you an answer to your question without knowing more about your particular situation. I...
My court docket says dui 1st offense it is my third within 10 years, can they use the prior dui's in court?
I got a dui in February in PA. My court docket says dui 1st offense highest tier. It is my third dui within the last 10 years. Can the prior dui's be held against me?
In most jurisdictions, prior crimes are considered by the prosecutors settlement offers and Judges for sentencing....
I had a DUI in 2005. I just got another last night(6-12-15). Will this be considered a first offense since 10 years has passed
First 1 was in fayette county p.a. and last night was in Westmoreland county p.a.
When exactly in 2005 was your arrest? The exact date is important.
How long would he receive from parole for getting a dui
My husband is currently on state parole in Fayette county. He was charged with a dui but did not give a blood sample. The arresting officer, did not read him his rights and he also when doing the paper work put two different dates and vehicles. Can anyone help me with this, they charged him with the highest dui because they said he was under a controlled substance, first offense.
Your husband needs to speak to a qualified attorney immediately. Only when the attorney has read the affidavit of...
My friend is in probation in Pennsylvania, and he just got a DUI in West Virginia, will he go to jail?
The DUI was a first offense and he spent the night in prison. The magistrate from West Virginia said the most he was going to get was a fine and he would not be allowed to drive in the state. He is on probation for letting off a deer urine bomb in Wal Mart when he was in high school. He is now 22 and very nervous that if his probation officer in Pennsylvania finds out about this incident in West Virginia he will be sent to jail.
He could go to jail on the probation violation. He could have his probation revoked and be sent to jail for up to the...
I missed a hearing today for driving under suspension. They made a sentence of 30 days incarceration its only the 3rd one
does this sound right never had dui or anything just never had a license
Usually the courts only impose a sentence of incarceration for driving with a suspended license (non-DUI) if it is the...