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I was denied the toxicology report from the local police department for a dui in 2010.
How can I obtain a report? I am suspended from work until I can provide a copy.
You can contact the police department and make a request for public records. Its usually pretty easy to obtain copies,...
Do i need an attorney for this
Dui for an illegal immigrant who has no license and does not want to attend any schooling nor pay probation any longer, what are the risks
Yes you do need an attorney for this. The risks include you being found guilty.
In Florida can they drug test you in court?
im a minor. i have passed all my drug tests throughout probation and completed my outpatient drug rehabilitation course. but i got a charge of possesion while on probation. i still passed a drug test the day after the charge though.
Yes. The judge can always order you to be tested and taken into custody if he or she suspects you are under the influence.
I was on a 1 year probation for cocaine posesion. Rear-ended another driver. My fault. I chose to call police. Arrested for DUI.
Did not blow. Did not report in out of fear of incarceration. Am i accumulating numerous violations as time goes on? it's been about 6-7 weeks.
Getting arrested is not a violation. Failing to report it to probation is a violation. Refusing to blow could be a...
“How long does a DUI in the state of Florida have to stay on your record until expungment?”
“How long does a DUI in the state of Florida have to stay on your record until expungment?”
I do not believe expungement is automatic, you probably have to file a motion with the court in the event you are...
How do I apply for an appeal hearing after getting a dui during the first 10 days?
I got a dui and I have 10 days to appeal the suspension. I basically just need the extra 30 days to get my affairs in order before my license is suspended so I need to know how to submit a formal appeal.
You have to go to the Lantana Office to request a hearing. There are some documents you have to fill out and your will...
My license is suspended for 5 yrs due to 2 dui w/in 5yrs. Need hardship for work but have outstanding traffic tickets that I was
supposed to go to court for but was in jail during this time ( 2 in FL and 1 in NY). Also failure to pay child support even though my wife and I put an end to this 15 months ago at the courthouse. I recently went to dui school and am getting my certificate of passing. My probation is ending in April--what are the chances of me getting the hardship? I was convicted June 2014 for the dui that happened Nov. 17 2013
At the moment your chances are zero percent (0%). You have a 5 year revocation and can get a hardship after 1 year...