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32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire .
I'm 61 years old man living in delray beach Florida and have a 32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire . im i going to serve a two year jail term now, no one was hurt just pulled over for speeding and failed the bac test but wasn't told how bad i failed. I know it was dumb of me but now my licence has been taken away 04/09/2014
I don't see a question here, however, since the DUI is 32 years old odds of the State being able to prove the case are...
How do I fight a habitual offence from one DUI and two DUS offences?
I plead guilty to the DUI back in 2012 and the two DUS charges in 2013. I am just now getting my license suspended due to a habitual violator. I would like to know what I can do to fight this and get my license if possible.
If you try to fight this yourself, you have about the same chance a piece of wrapped candy has been a schoolyard....
I was walking home clearly intoxicated and got stopped by police. Dont remember the interaction but certainly walked home.
I wanted to know what are the chances I got a public intoxication ticket even though I did not get detained? I dont have a ticket with me but I guess I could have lost it on the way home. I was also coming back from an FAU-UM tailgate. Thanks
Doesn't sound like you got a ticket. However, you can check with the county clerk's system to be sure. Good luck to you!
I was denied the toxicology report from the local police department for a dui in 2010.
How can I obtain a report? I am suspended from work until I can provide a copy.
You can contact the police department and make a request for public records. Its usually pretty easy to obtain copies,...
I was charged with driving with a suspended license, I did not know my license was suspended, I was never notified of this.
This happen when after finishing my first DUI school the examiner wanted me to go to alcohol and drug counseling, I did not see the need for me to do this. I guess we were supposed to dispute this in court, but I never received nothing in regards to this, or the fact that my license was suspended.
"never received nothing" is a double negative which means the opposite of what you said. I find it quite hard to...
Do i need an attorney for this
Dui for an illegal immigrant who has no license and does not want to attend any schooling nor pay probation any longer, what are the risks
Yes you do need an attorney for this. The risks include you being found guilty.
In Florida can they drug test you in court?
im a minor. i have passed all my drug tests throughout probation and completed my outpatient drug rehabilitation course. but i got a charge of possesion while on probation. i still passed a drug test the day after the charge though.
Yes. The judge can always order you to be tested and taken into custody if he or she suspects you are under the influence.