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How can I beat a dwi that I did not do one test for?
Ok first i was pulled over for speeding ...which the officer had a radar but there was other vechials traveling the same direction as I was
The best thing for you to do is hire a DUI attorney to help you with the facts and put you in a position to win. GOOD LUCK
I got a DUI with my CA DL in LA in 2011. completed all court programs. dont have time to wait for waiver to be processed. help
Got DUI 8/28/2011 in LA while I still had a CA drivers license. Went thru court sobriety program for 1 year, including an interlock device in car (classy AF) successfully completed program 7/11/16, was granted article 894, and the case was dismissed. final disposition: SET ASIDE & DISM UNDER ARTICLE 894 (SETTLED AT TRIAL DATE) court minutes state that license was to remain valid: DR WITH VALID DL & LEGALLY TO DRIV; and does not reflect a conviction. because the case was settled 7/11/16, the CA dmv recorded that as the date of conviction. CA dmv randomly sent me an Order of Suspension letter on 4/11/2017. LA DMV sent me a WITHDRAWAL OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES; DRIVER LICENSE COMPACT on 4/20/2017 because the dept was notified that my driving privileges have been suspended in CA. submitted1650 waiver. i don't have time for them to process it because i need to accept a job offer tomorrow and i need a valid DL. help
Sounds like you need a CA attorney familiar with DMV regulations who can immediately reach out to them correct this...
If you are ordered to provide a blood test, and you do, and completely pass .is there any liability for the arresting officers?
i do not drink at all, but i do suffer from disability that causes tremors, in stressful situations
Yrs but very marginal if you roll out the same day.
Will Louisiana courts drug test if i got charged with a simple possession and paraphernalia ?
i got caught with a point 2 and a paraphernalia which was a one hitter (metal cigarette). are they going to drug test me for my first time ever going to court?
Yes you will be drug tested. First test is to establish levels. Subsequent tests are to see if levels decrease. If...
Would double jeopardy apply to this situation?
I was arrested in 2009 for DWI and improper lane usage in Baton Rouge. During the time awaiting court, I completed all of the pretrial diversion requirements. At the administrative hearing, the arresting police officer admitted to lying on his police report and admitted to instructing me to drive my auto after the field sobriety test to park my automobile. The administrative judge dropped the charges so did the district attorney. I received a DWI charge a couple months ago along with improper lane usage. Since in Louisiana one is treated as guilty and required to satisfy being sentenced prior to a trial I had completed the sentencing (fines, DWI classes, drug tests, community service, vehicle interlock) before the trial where the charges were dropped. In my upcoming case, would any sentencing for 1st offense be double jeopardy because I already satisfied the state in 2009?
No thats not double jeopardy at all. Its a completely different incident. Get an attorney.
Can a person be multibill using a theft of a firearm for his 3rd offense dui?
My husband was sentence to 5 years for his 3rd dui. The da added the multi bill using his conviction fo theft of a firearm that he did his time on. He was on probation for the gin charge when he got the dui
Yes and I'm sure your husband's lawyer just told him that.
Do I still have to get interlock after serving jail time for 3rd dwi.
1 dwi 2001 2 dwi 2008. License has been suspended since 2008 for 3rd. Convicted in 2013 for the 3rd. Sentenced to a yr but was already incarcerated till 2015(CTS) Judge never once mentioned interlock. DMV says I have to get to reinstate. ????
Call your attorney who can find out if this was part of your sentance.