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What are the chances of early termination of probation if I was violated the same day I filed pro se,
I previously violated due to urine temp, I was reinstated with suspended sentence, then violated a month later again, due to UA done 6 days after my arrest, this was in my system previous to my violation and was told by my PO not to worry, just be good next UA. Then I filed pro se, for ET and countered with a violation
The issues of probation enforcement, modification, ET and transfer are all 100% discretionary with the Court - that is...
How would he go about getting a Florida Driver License?
My son was in the Navy in 1988-1989, Groton, Connecticut. Went out on liberty one night and got drunk, wrecked his car (totaled). When the Court was through with him doing classes on base, he went back to Court and was told the Court would not except the classes from the Sub Base and he would have to go through the class from Connecticut. The Navy separated him from the service and sent him home. His Florida Driver License was suspended in the mid 1990's and several people have tried to help him get just a Driver License to work and come home at night and Connecticut will only tell him to reopen the case and come to Connecticut. There is no money to send him back and he would like to work if nothing else.
If I'm correct in saying that Connecticut's DMV is suspending your son's license, I don't see an easy way out of this....
I was was denied a hard ship license due to 2nd DUI conviction... can I appeal and to who ?
the 2 conviction are 20+ years apart and not being able to drive, my work requires it, My 28 year profession will come to end. I live alone with no one that can help. If I loose my job I will loose my home and become a dependent of the state. I am human and to be human is to err... however I find it inconceivable to loose my entire career over a stupid decision made on my part... it was a misdemeanor charge ...
Assuming you had a review hearing, you can appeal the decision made by the DMV hearing officer. Your appeal would be...
How can I get a DUI off my driving records?
I got a DUI violation back in 2011 out of state. I completed all the requirements except one. My out of state license was revoked but since I was no longer living there I didn't pay it. Now, in 2017 I finally paid the revocation fee but shortly after the state I now have a license in suspended my driving privilege and started the DUI conviction process again. I paid the suspension fee to restore my license but now show another DUI on my record. The DMV won't remove it claiming the records are correct. What can I do
Nothing. Once it’s on your Florida record, it will never be removed.
DUI and insurance
My dui was dismissed by the court, but it appears in Tallahassee as a refusal to blow. I never refused to blow I blew twice and the cop stopped the machine the second time and wrote that I refused to blow. So that was an automatic DUI. They were able to proof that I blew twice and I blew 0 both times. My license was suspended anyway for 1 year. Now Geico says that it appear in my record as a DUI refusal to blow, and I should get the DUI out of my record in Tallahasse. Is there any way to do that with a lawyer. I have the papers where stating I blew 0 both times notarized from the first lawyer. Thanks, Tammy
Tammy that “refusal to blow” indication on your driving record likely reflects the administrative suspension placed by...
Can I get a Florida license if I'm from Georgia with past DUI ?
I was convicted of dui in Georgia 2004 suspensions is up I have been living in Florida since 2010 I didn't finish the dui class in Georgia an my license in Ga been suspended since 2004 am I able to get a license in Florida I have no dui in Florida
You will need to complete the DUI class and anything else required to reinstate your GA driving privileges. If your...
What's the punishment for DWI and hit and run with injury in florida?
Hit truck at intersection marketing left turn my passenger was slightly injured
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