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  • 1 hurt as rash of Fairfield shootings continue

    Thursday Mar 5 | via The Daily Republic 

    A man with a wound in his leg that was not considered life-threatening was taken to NorthBay Medical Center after being shot Thursday night at an apartment along Fairfield Avenue near Air Base Parkway. The age and name of the victim were not immediately available after the incident reported at 7:31 p.m. Brittany Bell, 27, spoke about an hour after the shooting that took place in the apartment next to her at 2326 Fairfield Ave. She said she grabbed her 11-month old baby girl in the living room when she heard the shots and that her husband was in the shower at the time.


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Should I take 4.5 years for a DUI GBI?
My lawyer says that's the minimum that can be given to me, but the DA has not made an offer. I don't know if I should take it or fight it with a different lawyer. Can jail alternative be considered, or not at all considering the GBI enhancement? I am currently attending AA meetings and out on bail with a SCRAM device. I also did serve some jail time.
Very difficult situation. No attorney can answer this question without seeing your case, speaking with the judge and...
Wrong information on Dui citation ticket
I was recently changed with a dui 4 months ago. I took a plea bargain because I was too scared to go to trail. I found my dui ticket & I didn't take a good look at it until now. I see that the police officer got the Make of my vehicle incorrect! I have heard where some cases was dismissed due to lack of correct Information. My best friend had her dui dropped, although she was guilty, because the officer had her make of her vehicle incorrect. If possible, should I hire a lawyer to over look my dui case? Since I'm able to get it reopen since it has not hit the 180 day mark??
It is likely too little too late.
How long will my DUI conviction remain on my DMV record?
I was arrested in California for DUI January 30, 2008 but I was not convicted until December 16, 2010. I understand that this conviction will remain on my DMV record for ten years. I'm just not sure from which date.
These convictions are priorable from the date of the arrest, not the conviction. It is from the arrest date of one to...
How can I find out?
I was arrested for a DUI, officer made me lock up friends car and eventually arrested me, he said I tried to leave and almost hit his vehicle. Is there any way I can find out if the unit had a camera? And if it does how can I get it?
Make sure you contact the DMV within 10 days of the arrest to schedule a hearing with the DMV. Then hire an attorney....
Got initally pulled over for tinted windows but mine was lowered all the way down and passenger was half ways. and got a dui
i got pulled over at 2am for tinted windows and did the tests i did pretty good in all of them but once on the blow test i blew a .13. i was chewing gum before and also hadn't ate since like 3 in the afternoon. what are the possibilites of a wet and reckless i dont want a dui in my record because its going afect my career for a dumb mistake. its also my first ticket and first dui. before i had a clean record.
Defensible case. Cop may not have probable cause to pull you over for tinted window. Get a good DUI lawyer and don't...
If my husband was sentenced to 365 days in county jail for evading police (F) n dui (M) how much time will he actually do?
he had no prior record meaning no other covictions
Assuming the sentences on each count are to run concurrently, and that he has no history of serious or violent offense...
Can't get my license back for DUI - alcohol test showed .06.
Hi I recently recieved a DUI. I was not in the car nor were the keys in it when the police arrived but I did say I was driving the car but that I had a friend with me that left. I was being questioned by the police because I lost control of the car exiting a very sharp turn. I hit the median but no one else. My car was an old 97 prelude so they totaled it. Well after the police questioned me they had me perform a field sobriety test. Witch is in-accurate because they are not eye doctors or have no medical training. Then they had me take a B.A.T. I blew a .10 they arrested me and never at any time read me my rights. They took me to a station and had me blow again. I blew a .0803 So I then asked for a DNA test well that so happend to come back as .06 (I later found out) I hired a so called lawyer but he ended up being a fake. I paid him 1500 in cash he never gave me a retainer because he was a friend of a friend so I thought nothing of it. Well he neverd filed a DMV hearing so my license got suspended. I went to court last week and pleaded not guilty and got a DA. The Judge asked for the results of the DNA and thats how I found out it was a .06 Now what advice can u give me reguarding this? I would think the court would give me the license back once the DNA came back below the legal limit but I guess it doesnt work that way...
Unfortunately, this is a tough situation because when you have a DUI arrest in California there are two separate...