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What should i be expecting after a dui?
I was in an accident two months ago coming home after a few drinks. I had lost control in the rain and hit a pole. No one else was involved but i was taken to the ER. I spoke to the officer for my case at the hospital. I signed a form stating i was willing giving an alcohol test. After finding out what my BAC was from the hospitals tox report i believe it is incorrect. The officer said he would call me a few days later and have me come to the station for something. He did no take my license or give me any paper except the form that i signed. I have not heard from him in two months or the courts. I am going to attempt to get my police report, but i would like to know what i could potentially be expecting and the best course of action.
It can take a few months to be charged, but don't make any statements without representation
Need to know if I will be ok without a lawyer
I got a driving on suspended citation which I paid it the next day it was for an administrator fee. I'm just trying to avoid jail time I have a very good driving record
It is always advisable to have an attorney for any offense that carries possible jail time. If you cannot afford a...
How does the Maryland look back effect my case?
I was charged with a third DUI in Maryland 11/2016. The last DUI was in Maryland also, 4/2002.
The judge can look at any prior convictions or probation before judgment in determining your sentence. It will help...
What are my options as a driver that was hit by a drunk driver in my company car?
The man was arrested and cited for 9 different things. I just received a letter from the insurance company that they want to speak with me. My car was totaled and I sustained soreness and aches for a few days after. The accident was on 8/20/15.
You have a number of options, including workers' compensation, PIP, and a claim against the other driver. First, DO NOT...
Is probation an "open" or "pending" judicial case?
DUI charge, probation
Once you have been sentenced, the case is closed. If you violate your probation, it will be reopened.
Can Florida assess additional penalties for DUI convictions?
I am currently a resident of Maryland. I am moving to Florida. I have 4 DUI convictions in Maryland. No cases are open. They have all been settled in Maryland. I do have an interlock installed in my vehicle. Not on probation. No current suspension or revocation of driving privilege.
You should really ask this question of a FL lawyer. But your biggest problem is probably going to be trying to get a FL...
I have a blow and go in md. Three tests were failed the same day. Will this violate my probation?
Had the bng for over 10 months with no violations
Good question. Unfortunately, only your probation officer knows the answer. Speak with your attorney. Three failed...