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Is it likely that I will be extradited from South Carolina to nevada for a misdemeanor dui?
Got arrested In nevada for misdemeanor dui got out on an or lost my job which is why i was in nevada. I had enough money to get back to my state of residents so i did not check in with the court i just came home where i can work and settle this
I believe this has been asked and answered. Yes, you can be extradited for leaving the state without the Court's...
Can I be extradited from South Carolina to nevada for a misdemeanor dui?
I was arrested for a misdemeanor dui the conditions of my release were 2 aa meetings a week 1 check in at the court house a week an alcohol sensing bracelet with 2 check ins a week all during working hours I lost my job because of this so I came home to South Carolina
Yes. You cannot just choose to relocate or do what you want. You should have informed your parole office or whatever...
Is it legal for someone to administer drugs if not aa RN or Doctor with a purpose to cause death.?
My father died at home under the care of hospice. My step mother gave him the drugs that were left there by hospice. It's called "A Comfort Kit" left there by hospice. In this kit is are the drugs Aleve, Adivan, Atropine and Morphine administer every 3 hours. I would like to bring charges if possible.
If you think charges are warranted, bring them. With hospice approval, family members can be trained to administer to...
If someone got a DUI over 10 years ago, are they still required to take ADSAP class??
My boyfriend got a DUI before we were together. We have been together for 13 years and I would like him to obtain his drivers license so I am not playing taxi all the time. I just need to know if he needs to take ADSAP and any other things he may need to do to get it back.
He needs to complete whatever was ordered by the Court and/or Department of Motor Vehicles. Passage of time does not...
What happens if my husband refuses to comply with dss?
We have had DSS called on us multiple times in the last year. Each time they were "unfounded" and didnt go any further. This last time we was accused of meth use. We agreed to drug tests. I passed my hair follicle and was still told I had to do drug classes. And now my husband refuses to comply stating I should never had to go through any of that and they are just looking for money (as we have to pay for the classes). What will happen if he doesnt comply.
The case may stay open, they could escalate their interventions, etc. No one knows what they may feel like doing.
Can a State revoke my license for getting a DUI in another state?
I got a DUI in Alabama 14 years ago in 2002. I did everything Alabama asked and paid my reinstatement fee. I traveled to Michigan to help my disabled mother and while there, I got a Michigan license which is required by law even though I had planned to return to Alabama. After that I received a letter from the state of Michigan saying that they are revoking my license because I got a DUI in Alabama, and that I was supposed to jump through their hoops to get it back. This seemed strange to me and I took papers to the DMV in Alabama, and they couldn't understand it either a gave me my license because I fulfilled all the required steps. I then moved to Florida with no problems there, but I had to recently had to relocate to South Carolina, and when I went to change my license from Florida to South Carolina, they told me Michigan put my name in the national data base and in order to get it off, I have to jump through their hoops and pay them to get it removed. This seems like double jeopardy to me, is this legal?
Yes, as long as you drive in that state.
DUI , I should plead not guilty. should I ask for a jury trial and legal council. I am mentally disabled
will my disability work against me. I am a very capable driver but failed the FST because of vertigo and a physical problem with my back which my physician has written a letter to the judge to be considered.
With these facts that you offer up, you owe it to yourself to consult with an attorney.... your attorney,,,, who is...