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Does PA expunged DUI convictions?
I was convicted of a DUI in PA about 2 years ago, but I now live in Buffalo, NY and would like to be able to travel to Canada being so close but I'm afraid I won't be allowed to cross the border, is it possible to have those charges expunged ?
Not yet. You need to be conviction- and arrest-free for 10 years after the date you were released from supervision....
Would pending charges show up on criminal public records search online?
I got a 2nd DUI and have been googling somethings and saw that you can access records online so I googled my name and found my docket for my first case and saw that it said closed. Since I already went to court and completed everything I knew it was done, but what I'm asking is: when will the second DUI charges be posted on here? It's been 23 days since the arrest and right now my first arrest in the only thing that shows up when I look it up
It is impossible to know just when your new DUI will hit the web because there are too many variables envolved. If...
Can I have my case thrown out for underage drinking when I was apprehended, tackled, and cuffed by officers.
I was walking with a friend down the street where apparently a party was to be busted. We did not attend the party and were walking away from the house when three officers came from behind a car and ran at us without announcing who they were. I put my hands up to defend my face as I thought I was getting jumped and was then tackled and cuffed by two officers. I was told I was very close to getting tazed. My friend pushed the cop away from him but wasn't cuffed. We were not aware of the cops getting out of their car or them running after us until they were right behind us. I was questioned and admitted to drinking as I laid cuffed. Their reasoning for apprehending me was for resisting arrest when I had no idea there were officers in the area. We did not run from the police either.
Your facts suggest a violation of Miranda if the police had you cuffed and asked you questions while you were cuffed...
Whats my charge when I turn myself in for a 17 yr old warrant??
I was charged 17 yrs ago with a DUI. I was moving to Fl. in 3 days, with my young children. At that time, I was running away from a abusive man. I was granted permission to leave the state as long as I followed up in the state of Fl. I did not follow up, and have been recently picked up by the Md. Sheriff office ( I moved back to Md. after 5 yrs in Fl.)and was incarcerated for 36. The judge allowed me to pay a cash bond, and I have 7 days to turn myself in to Pa. I am ready to this and am wondering what might happen to me. I have a clean record, and have turned my life around. Please help me so that i will not go in there blind.
You first have to answer the original charge of DUI, that will not have gone away simply because you fled the state....
I was arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania. I declined the field sobriety test and asked for a chemical test. The state trooper was insisting on taking me to their hospital of choosing. I wanted to be taken to a hospital in the area that I chose. I did not refuse the chemical test I refused to be taken to the hospital of their choosing. I kept insisting that it's my right to be taken to a physician of my choosing. They documented that I refused the chemical test. There was no actual test taken. The troopers weren't sure about the law and kept looking it up as well as the corporal at the barracks and said they could not find anything. Do I have a good defense?
A good defense to what?? DUI?? That depends onna lot more than then the drug test. You would want an experienced DUI...
When is a license officially suspended from a DUI in PA?
My fiance received his first dui last August. He did not qualify for ard due to his bac. He was supposed to be sentenced on June 5th. He approached the judge with his attorney, they discussed license suspension, the Asst DA took his license right then. However, once the judge found out he had not completed a drug and alcohol assessment yet (he was not aware of having to do that) the judge continued the case and set a new date for sentencing. Am I correct that he still has a valid license until he is sentenced at his new date? They never gave it back to him, but they won't submit anything to penn dot until he is sentenced from my understanding. So is he able to drive during this time?
According to your question, your fiance has an attorney. With respect, your fiance should discuss all legal questions...
What can I do if I was given a dui, when I was not in the vehicle.
I had been arrested inside a hotel while my car was outside in a parking lot. The cops assumed that I was still under the influence of weed and decided to go search my vehicle, and also charge me with dui/duid since I must have driven to the hotel under the influence. I had smoked the day before and a few hours prior the day of, but when I was driving and when I was in the hotel, I was not under the influence. I was then taken to a local hospital about an hour-hour and a half after I got arrested initially to get blood work done. What can be done from this point on. I am a young college student, with no prior arrests or convictions. This was the first time I got arrested.
What can you do if you were charged with a crime, such as DUI??? The thing to do is call is to your parents. After...