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PA, Bucks County. Driving under DUI suspension, chances of house arrest or better?
Was on ARD for first offense DUI, judge worked with me on it but we came to conclusion id never get off because I couldn't afford the fees to get off and license bag due to not being able to legally drive. I was pulled over for allegedly driving under dui suspension, when I was selling the car to pay fees. Officer let me drive away after explaining, but did issue a citation for driving under dui suspension. I understand there is a mandatory minimum of 60-90 days incarceration. This case is in three days at district court. I need time to get funds for a lawyer, will I get time if sentenced to arrange affairs if jail happens, can I get house arrest as I pay child support and have a very good job I've acquired in the past 8 months and do not want to lose it, and can a lawyer hep with this at all? Car was literally sold right after, and no vehicle owned, not sure if this can help or not?
You are wise to appear before the DJ with an attorney. If you cannot afford counsel, then submit an application to the...
Please advise if there is a statue Of limitations on a dui
I was arrested 9/9/2014 for a dui. However I was in my vehicle with an open container however the truck broke down and I was sleep in the vehicle because it was not operational. The police had to physically push the truck to my auto repair man shop which I was parked across from. The police never witness me driving nor did anyone report I was driving just that I was sleep in the car. I was fleeing from a domestic alterations and the drunk broke down. The police admitted to forgetting to file chargers and file over a year later. What can I do? ???
Get an attorney. Fight the case. Statute of limitations on a DUI is two years. They do have a time limit on filing...
If you first refused, but then gave blood for DUI, can they still charge you highest BAC with failed implied consent?
Was stopped on suspicion of DUI. Took me to hospital and at first refused blood test. Cop read me what would happen if I did refuse. I then said ok and they took my blood and he said I did the right thing. I found my court docket online and I'm being charged with Highest BAC with failed implied consent. I gave my blood to them. Can they charge me for a refusal even if I still gave blood? I'm confused here.
A couple of preliminary matters, yes, they can charge you with a refusal. In most cases for a DUI they charge a bunch...
How long will my boyfriend serve for a dui and bench warrant for child support
he is serving 15 months for the dui now with 60 in jail and then possible house arrest since he has the bench warrant for child support he owed 1000 we just paid 400 of that will he have to spend more than the 60days in jail
Good question. The answer is hopefully zero if you all can pay off the balance owed on the child support by the time...
We have court in two hours and need a lawyer!!!!!! HELP. IT 's for driving with DUI suspension in Bucks county, PA
please can anyone help It's at 2:00
Use the Find a Lawyer tab. This is the Q and A section. Lawyers are generally not going to post here offering their...
Had 2nd offense DUI in Bucks County, live in Doylestown, got 90 days house arrest which I finishes 2 months ago. Was told
someone from Probation would contact me in 6-8 weeks from when house arrest ended but haven't heard from anyone yet. Is parole after a DUI supervised or unsuprvised? Was told at house arrest intake it would likely be unsupervised and report in through phone. Any thoughts on what happens or should I just call? My CO told me they will contact me and to just wait.
You will be on probation, not parole, upon completion of your house arrest. Call the probation department and follow...
A.R.D program .
Hi I have a question I was placed on a ard program in Doylestown bucks county in February 2015 and it is over in December my question is if all the restitution isn't paid at the end will I have to go to jail beings though on the paper saying if failure to pay u will go to trial , and I have been paying as much as I could on it so I need answers
Answers are not what you need. An attorney is. You are correct in your interpretation of the agreement you signed....