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Can I test for my can license with 2 false police convictions on my record
22 yrs ago I was guilty of 2 false police reports charges and 3 contempt of courts.i was diagnosed in2007 as bipolar. That was the main reason for my actions.I have letters from 3 doctors who say I am ok to be a cna.
I suspect not, but check with the licensing authority
Can I get a driver's license in Washington state if my license is suspended in Virginia?
My driver's license has been suspended for 10 years through the courthouse in my town in Virginia due to court fines (some are traffic-related that was the reason for my suspension but the suspensions were only for 6 months and those are over with but) the court has suspended my driver's license because I have not been able to pay for my court fines which is stupid... why suspend ones driver's license so they're unable to get a job and drive to work or drive a company vehicle etc. so that way it would prevent them from making money to pay their fines... So anyway... I owe around $2,500 at the courthouse Plus I will have to pay a $500 uninsured motorist fee plus reinstatement fee which would be $650 total. that is here in the state of Virginia and it is almost $5,000 that I would need that would include court fines DMV fines and then getting my vehicles prepaired for inspection (they have been sitting for a great deal of time...) and insured and tagged etc. So I am living here in Virginia with a suspended driver's license and a felony record that prevents me from being able to work and support my family I want to move to Washington State to start all over again, what to do?
Get a clear license. whether stupid or not until you get a license the other state will not issue you one.
Do I need to reinstate my WV license in order to renew my VA license?
Charged w DUI in WV ~ 6 years ago , moved to VA & obtained VA license in 2007 . I went to VA DMV Friday to renew and learned for the first time that WV entered me in the National Driver Database as ineligible to drive in WV therefore I can't renew my VA license . I know I have to take the classes , get an evaluation and pay out - of - state fee but do I also need to pay to have my WV license reinstated before WV will remove this ineligibility and I can get my VA license renewed ?
Generally you have to get a clearance letter from the state DOT/DMV before another state will allow you to receive...
DUI - Was this probable cause?
My husband was pulled over for going 37 in a 55. The speed limit had just changed - half a mile. He had been in his car with the license and registration for a good minute when the lights started bothering my husband, he opened his door and asked if the officer could possibly turn off his lights. He then looked at his eyes and gave him a breathalyzer, which he blew a 0.18. This is the first time my husband has ever been in any trouble. The officer never read him his rights, which I understand isn't always necessary. But he also never told him he had the right to an attorney, or anything. My question is this - was this indeed probable cause to pull us over? I felt that half a mile after the speed limit increase isn't much time to accelerate, and he was going 37, which obviously means that he was accelerating. The officer may have even turned his lights on before the speed limit change. Also, does the fact that my husband has severe acid reflux (which can cause a higher bac) help us any?
The officer does not need probable cause, merely reasonable suspicion. Driving slowly can be grounds for a traffic...
DUI - is there any chance of a charge reduction?
My husband has a clean record. We were pulled over for driving 37 in 55, just after the speed limit change. The officer may have even turned on his lights before the change. After taking the lincense and registration, he stayed at his car for a good while. My husband began to feel very ill and opened his door to ask if the officer could possibly turn off his lights. He then looked at his eyes before giving him a breathalyzer, he blew a 0.18. It is very crucial to his career that he is not convicted. We are willing to pay for the best lawyer. I has a few questions. My husband has severe acid reflux, which can alter breathalyzer test, and he also had a fever. He was not acting drunk - not staggering, slurring, or anything. The only field test performed was the officer looking into his eyes. Is there any chance of getting the accuracy of the BAC test challenged? There was no blood test performed. Was pulling us over that soon after the speed limit change even probable cause? We are making appointments this week, we just need some peace of mind that it is not entirely hopeless. Thank you
The Fourth Amendment requires that the police have "reasonable articulable suspicion" before making a traffic stop. If...
How can I obtain a California License with a DUI from Virginia?
Hello. I was convicted of a DUI January, 28th 2016 in Virginia. I completed the mandatory ASAP classes and paid all court fines. I sold my vehicle after I was convicted so I never held a restricted license or had an interlock blower in a car. It's been well over a year but I want to obtain my License. Will I be able to get. Virginia license if I buy a vehicle, get the FR44, without have a interlock placed on my vehicle since it's been over a year? Or if I move to California, as I plan to in a month or 2, will I have to get it over there as well? I am asking because if I have to get an interlock placed on my car in Virginia, I won't be able to schedule follow ups to the interlock location once a month.
You say you sold your vehicle so "never held a restricted license...", which is inaccurate. Convicted of DUI means...
10 years ago was declared a habitual offender with 2DUI's and a ton of speeding tickets and a 3 driving on Suspended..
is it true after 7 years those fines are gone if it is what must I do do I petition the court? what is my best bet to get it reinstated
Fines and court costs to not disappear and must be paid with interest. You have to petition the court to reinstate...