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I am being charged with statue 152.025.(a)(1). With reference to:152.025.1(a). How is this a felony?
I sold 28 grams to a CI and after not wanting to be a CI in lieu of my charges being dismissed they charged me with this. In MN statue it states it's just a misdemeanor. Just wondering how they got a felony charge?
Yes. It's the sale that makes it a felony.
Does a sheriff need your I.d and insurance information on site ? dui? car accident?
Got arrested two weekends ago, blew a .09 after crashing my car and totaling it, didn't get asked for my drivers license or insurance info, but now the sheriff is asking for it through email? do i give it to him? isn't that unprofessional? also I blew a .07 45 minutes later at the station, I am not making any excuses for my actions, BUT i have a clean driving record prior, no tickets no NOTHING. I drank, 3 beers and 2 shots of vodka, and got extremely ill which is unlike me, got sick, and honestly just wanted to go home, 5 minutes from my house, fell asleep and then crashed my car, is there any way to even handle this, would a public defender even be able to help? I NEED ADVICE.
Do yourself a favor and get an attorney right now. AVVO, the state bar, and other websites will help you find a DUI...
Can I resolve another case while incarcerated for another ?
My boyfriend was sentenced today to 42 months for a felony DWI. My question is this - He has a pending case in Hennepin Co for 5th degree controlled substance. He missed the omnibous hearing because he was incarcerated in another county and is now off to prison - so can he do something about the hennepin case now ? Just so he doesn't have dealing with that to look forward to when he's out ? I thought they could allow him to plead guilty and have the time ran concurrent so when he's done serving his time he can be completely DONE ! Any one know about how to go about this ? PLEASE
Yes there are ways of handling that case inyelligently given the situation. But it is far too complicated to advise...
So I really want to know what are the chances of paying a lawyer a Fee for a DWI - 2nd offense in 17 years - - that will come out in my favor - How does a lawyer really get a case lowered- My urine was .185 so before I blow my money I really need to know the chances of hiring a lawyer that will help my case. - Or am I wasting money ?
You have no chance of winning anything or obtaining a favorable outcome without a good dwi attorney. After all, do you...
Can a person request copy of Police report
will i see police report with citation for DWI- I am curious as I went into ditch and tore the property up also- Will this affect my DWI
Yes, your attorney will be able to obtain all the police reports, and other evidence, pertaining to your case.
If I have ignition interlock in my truck can I still legally drive a snowmobile
I was just charged with my second dwi in my truck and they are taking my license for 2 years but i am getting the ignition interlock installed
This question could only arise in Minnesota! Does driving snowmobile require a driver's license? I recommend you...
Will I be charged with a DWI?
My car's steering went out while I was driving and I was able to maneuver it to the side of the road. I walked to the nearest restaurant/bar to call a friend to be picked up. I had a couple beers while waiting. My friend arrived and drove me home. I again had a couple of beers. Then the police showed up at my residence to inform me of towing my car. They gave me a breathalyzer test, which I failed and gave me a ride to the police station. I was given paperwork for revocation of my license. This happened on 4th of April and I still have not been charged. Will I be charged and how long does that process take? I have called Sherburne County but keep on being told I have not been charged yet. I need my case to be heard. I am unemployed and now I cannot even look for a job!
You have a defense of post driving consumption. Unfortunately, you only had 30 days to challenge the revocation of your...