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I'm 21 and want a pistol but I got a dui when I was 18 and went through diversion with flying colors am I able to get one?
My background check got delayed and I don't know why the dui is the only thing I can think of why it would be delayed
In Oregon, a DUII dismissed through diversion does not prohibit someone from purchasing or possessing a firearm.
Pulled over in Florida 04/02/2017 cited DUII License valid everywhere until 05/22/2017 Moved to Oregon previous home 6 DUII'S in the 80s and 90s not eligible for hardship in Florida. Have Florida attorney who believes we can get reduced to reckless 1 year out. Can get Oregon license now that will probably default the same day Florida's does. Can I get hardship in Oregon for work and father in hospice [reason for move} Need to secure some type of Oregon license ASAP as that will determine were I reside, Father in hospice 1 hour drive from my current employer. Thank you Rick
It sounds like you need to contact a local Oregon lawyer to assist you in working through your license issue. Good luck.
Facing first dui but wasn't driving vehicle
I went to the bar for a little to drunk so the bouncer had me call my brother to pick me up, which he has someone come drop him off so he could drive him and I to his house. On the way to his house my truck broke down, the battery had shifted and the cable frayed in half so it was unstartable from the point. My brother then had his friend come pick him up and take him back home, called the police, told them he drove the truck to where it was, it broke down. Thinking I wasn't able to get a dui because the truck was unstartable. The cops showed up, while I was in front of the car trying to work on the car, but was there alone. My question is if I get a the bouncer from the bar and my brother to hell in court to prove I wasn't the one driving that night can I beat this DUI?
If you prove you weren't driving and weren't in actual physical control of he vehicle (sitting behind the steering...
Got pulled over entering my PARKING LOT under suspicion of DUI, can the cops search my vehicle?
As I was driving home. I put my blinker on to turn into my parking lot and the cops turned on their lights. So I proceeded to my parking space. The cops did arrest me. BUT do they have the legal right to search my vehicle with out my permission, WHILE IT'S PARKED IN MY PARKING LOT? This is in Washington county. I can't find anything on line relating to my question. Thank you to all that answers.
The police can search your vehicle as an inventory search commensurate with a lawful arrest.
I was charged with DUI, and assault 4 in 2010. How long must i wait before i can have record expunged?
My sentenced was revoked within a year, as i could not comply with probation, and couldn't pay fines. ie none were payed.
Unfortunately a DUII conviction cannot be expunged from your record. There are very limited circumstances when a DUII...
Can I sue the drunk men for vandalism my car and cause me an accident that damaged my front bumper?
Last night a very drunk men hit me at the Plaid Pantry's parking lot. I pushed him away got into my car and tried to take off . He took out his belt keep hitting my car and chase after me. I hit the pole in the parking lot and damaged my front bumper, he used his belt buckle and hit my rear window. The window was broken with a huge hole. I called the police and filed the report. The police sent me home first and told me that he will bring me the report in the morning. The problem is I didn't have any information on the drunk guy. When I get the police report. Can I file sue against him or make him fix my bumper and the rear window? My car is in really bad shape...
You can check back with the police to see if they caught up with him and obtained his info, or you can simply turn it...
I have driving privileges. However, I have not gone into get my license. I was pulled over, will it be suspended?
I received a DUI. I never drove on a suspended license. I spoke to the DMV and my driving privileges have been restored. I just need to get my license. I had to drive to work and was pulled over for rolling through a yellow. He saw I did not have my license and he issued me a citation to pay. Will my license be suspended for this?
No, your drivers license will not be suspended. There is no driver's license suspension when someone is convicted of...