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Do I have to get jail time for third offense driving on revoked .I was on my way to work in my uniform.
Worked in ashland an had to drive my self to work an nobody would take me .I got stopped an the cop let me go cause I was in my uniform an he said he would vouch for that.
A third driving on revoked license is very serious. Why you are suspended will weigh heavily on the outcome of the...
Do I need a lawyer to petition to get interlock off car
judge to told me after six mouth I could petition to get interlock ogg
You don't need a lawyer to do this, but the odds of success greatly improve if you get a lawyer.
Husband is an alcholic and awaiting court date for DUI , he retired and I am not able to afford to live on my own at this time .
I do not want to make a move until I find out what is going to happen in the DUI case we have been married 24 yrs and I don't see anyway of making this work ..we have not slept together or had sex in the last 12 or 15 years ...we do not have any joint accounts my name is not on the house we do not go anywhere together or communicate unless we have to and he lies about paying bills ...
I think you should consider proposing a separation agreement. I understand your concern about just simply moving out...
Took ins. off my vehicle and turned plates in to dmv. They have no record of this? What can I do?
Requested hearing but have not heard back. I do not feel I am at fault because dmv did not deactivate the plates. I'm being fined $500.00 for their mistake. I have no receipt and I do not know if they gave me one. The vehicle has not been on the road for over a year but I can't prove that either. What chance does a person have against dmv even if they made the error.
You have the burden to prove the error. Without that receipt and proof of certified mail deliver of the plates you...
Will I serve my suspended sentence for ignition interlock violations post-DUI?
I was convicted of a DUI earlier this year and have the ignition interlock device in my car. Five months into it, I received two violations / fails for blowing over a .02 (.021 and .05). I'm headed back to court, where I understand that the judge can impose the full original suspended sentence (6 months). My question is: What are the chances that he does this? As soon as I blew the fails, I enrolled in a substance abuse counseling group and have been attending AA. This was also my first DUI. And prior to the violations, I had completed the VASAP class. Realistically, what am I looking at?
Hard to say, but with your immediate enrollment into a substance abuse program will help to mitigate any punishment and...
If you pull up on a DUI Checkpoint in the state of Virginia, are you required by law to provide identification?
From what I have been reading, you are only required to provide identification if you are being detained for investigatory reasons. If I am driving down the road, minding my business, not breaking any laws, and then roll up on a DUI Checkpoint, why should I provide my identification? I have not committed any crimes whatsoever, so what probable cause would the officer have to see my identification? I would rather just pull up and ask the officer "am I being detained or am I free to go" and then be on my way. I know by doing this, it may cause the officer to want to get me into the pulloff to further investigate me, but by doing so, I believe that would be illegal. I would simply be invoking my rights. This has not happened to me yet but I would like to know how to handle it when it does.
This is a smart question. Anytime a person is being questioned or held up by police officers, they should be asking...
I am a Maryland resident with a DUI conviction in PA. I pled guilty and was convicted. Maryland sent revocation notice.
Is there any chance license will not be revoked if I go to an MVA hearing? Or should I just take the revocation and get it over with. From what I read, it sounds like I have no chance to avoid a year revocation, and that the chance of a 6 month reinstatement are very low? If the chance of avoiding a full year revocation is very small, then I'd rather just take it. I had a .23 BAL and pled guilty. I have no other points on my license except the 12 from the DUI and have never been in any trouble in my life. I have a federal security clearance which can support my clean record. I also have already installed an interlock on my car for the PA sentence and completed a 42 hour intensive outpatient alcohol program and am enrolled in a 26 week state dui education program.
Both PA and MD are part of the interstate compact so this information is shared. Your best bet bet is to contact an...