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Early release
I have been told that I will be released early from my probation... in NY state.... My PO told me if there are any problems they will let me know & made an appt. for next time just in case. How will I know I was released? Will I receive something? I heard something about an order of termination? will I receive a copy & know that i'm done that way?
It depends on how your county handles these cases. You may be brought in for a court appearance, or notified by mail....
What can be a possible outcome when she goes to court?
My cousin was charged with driving without an interlock and on a suspended license with previous conviction. This is her second time. She has a felony DWI under Leanders Law.
The outcome will depend on multiple factors, including her prior record, the amount of time since her dwi conviction,...
New York DMV DUI refusal hearing not rescheduled
I was arrested in August 2014 for DUI in Poughkeepsie, New York. A refusal hearing was held, but the cop did not show up, and my license was reinstated; I have paid no fines to the state, either court or DMV. It is now November 2015 and the DMV still has not rescheduled the refusal hearing. The criminal case is ongoing and is expected to go to trial in spring 2016. Will the DMV simply never reschedule the refusal hearing? Are they waiting for a disposition in the criminal case? I'd like to take advantage of the cop making statements at the refusal hearing and use these to impeach his credibility at trial. My license has remained valid the entire time, except two weeks immediately after the arrest.
The DMV moves at its own pace. Your attorney can follow-up and make sure nothing has been missed but there is no rhyme...
Dwi New paltz
I was arrested for Dwi with a bac of .13 over a month ago. Just went for my first appearance and the judge wants me back next Wednesday. He informed me he will suspend my license at that time for 30 days. He asked if I wanted a lawyer and I said yes. I am not sure if he expects me to bring lawyer with only 1week to procure one. He even said I have window of time to decide upon a pd v am I to bring a lawyer next week? Is it even.possible to attain such services so quickly? Regardless, I need to speak with an attorney for a Dwi case in New paltz. Seems Poughkeepsie is the most proximal location with attorneys.
It is important that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney that handles DWI cases in the Hudson...
DWI Sentencing
Person charged with aggravated DWI – 3rd DWI in ten years – 2 resulted in property damage. Recent DWI BAC was .20. Person plead guilty to an E Felony. Person is presently employed, attending rehab and is a caregiver. At sentencing, is it conceivable this person may be able to avoid incarceration? Thank you.
Was there a promiseday sentence? If not, jail is certainly a strong possibility.
Letter of Support on behalf of client.
Woman charged with aggravated DWI - her 3rd DWI in ten years. All involved an accident with another vehicle but no injuries. Most recent DWI her BAC was .20. She plead guilty to top charge: E Felony, 1 count. She has an appearance scheduled for sentencing - the main concern is possible incarceration. My question is: Would it be helpful to write a letter of support on her behalf? She plans to attend an alcohol treatment program. She has been a caretaker for a relative. She plans to attend a college program.
Dear Rhinebeck Friend: You should discuss your show of support with your friend's lawyer (assuming she will discuss...
What will be the likely disposition of an aggravated DWI in Dutchess County, NY ?
Woman charged with aggravated DWI - her 2nd DWI - both DWIs involved an accident with another vehicle - no injuries. Most recent DWI - BAC was .20
If this is the second DWI within ten years, the woman will be looking at license revocation, felony charges with stiff...