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I'm on probation in my state if I don't have a job or drive a car to get to probation what can I do I don't want to do the jail
It's a misdemeonor dwi I been on for a year and a half and I just lost my job and I might lose the place i live
I would strongly consider calling your probation officer and keeping him abreast of your situation. After that, I would...
If I'm on a misdemeanor probation for a dwi and served a year and a half out of my 3 year term can I move from ny to florida
It's my first time dwi I'm 23 I got the dwi when I was 19 I'm still dealing with it I just want to move i came up for marijuana for a year but I've been clean for 4 months and haven't come up
That is up to your PO. If you've only been clean for 4 months, you PO will probably be reluctant to let you off early....
Is it possible to reduce first time DWI to DWAI?
Hello, A few weeks ago I was arrested in NY. Essentially, I fell asleep at a red light and woke up and the police were outside. The police found just over 2 ounces marijuana in my trunk which was for my personal use. I was taken to the police station where I blew a .11. I have no criminal record what so ever and have never been arrested. I work and also about to graduate with a bachelors degree. I was very cooperative with the police and blew and did as they asked. They asked me questions and I know I should have kept quiet and not said anything, but it's too late for any of that now. They made me do an alcohol evaluation, where I admitted I had an alcohol issue going on and since then I have been getting treatment outpatient Thus far at the alcohol program, even upon the first screening (several days after my arraignment) I have tested negative for absolutely every drug and alcohol , every time. I have been avoiding substances. As such I am about to graduate college, accept wrongdoing and want to move on I have questions 1.) Is it possible to plead it all down to a DWAI and get the marijuana ACD 2.) Is it possible to avoid probation if I comply with program?
It is possible if the prosector consents and the judge accepts it.
What is the longest time you could have TASC Program for?
I was taken in for drinking and driving and my attorney said I would take tasc but not how long I'll be in that program.
TASC is an intermediary between the court and a treatment program. TASC will assign you to a program for an OASAS...
How long will I have to be in TASC Program.
I was taken in for drinking and driving and my attorney said I would take tasc but not how long I'll be in that program.
That will be up to either TASC or any agreement you work out in a plea bargain.
Can i get a new york state liquor license to own a tavern if i was dishoharably discharged from the Navy via a court marshal?
I had Dirty urinalysis test positive for cocaine and had a court marshal, I served no time in prison for this the lowered my rank, fine me and processed me to be discharged. In new york does this show up as a felony on my criminal record which would prevent me from getting a liquor license to own a tavern. This happened 24 years ago I have no criminal history and have been a model citizen I am a business owner husband father and mentor. Is there a way of upgrading my discharge or expelling it from my record?
You can get a copy of your rap sheet to see what it shows. But, these are questions for license attorneys and military...
I just got a 2nd DWI my first was in 2010...what should I expect?
First one I blew .85, got probation for 3 years, interlock, lost my license and had to do rehab and DMV classes too. I also paid a lot of money for a criminal attorney I live in Suffolk County NY. I got another Thursday night and blew .10, I had a $5000 next court date is Tuesday what should I expect? Do I kill my self now?
I suggest you read the information at: I...