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In mississippi how long do they have to indict me for dui 3rd
dui 3rd
The statute of limitations for most felonies in Mississippi is two years.
Can I get an attorney appointed to me by the court for a misdemeanor DUI, public drunk, failure to comply and using profanity?
I was sitting in my vehicle on a rural country road talking to my elderly mom at 7:44 pm when a cop pulled up behind me and got out of his vehicle and came up to my truck and ask me to step out, put my hands on the hood, then patted me down, took me to jail (he said), for public drunk. When I got to the jail and I verbally protested his action(s), he then trumped up the charges, DUI, failure to comply (what), using profanity on a public Road? All I did was protest being arrested because I was not drinking alcohol, only sprite, I was not driving, only sitting, the vehicle was not even running. They took me to the jail and they stripped search me, they put me in a holding cell until next day. They taped a ticket up on the cell glass door that showed a DUI charge.
I would advise hiring an attorney. While it is an expense, it is worth it in the long run. Many municipalities will...
What happens when i get arrested for DUI while already on probation, in two different counties?
In February of this year, i was arrested for using a fake id on the Mississippi gulf coast (hancock county). i was completely sober but the charge still stood. I was given a year of informal probation. Basically the judge said i didn't have to report to an officer or anything, as long as i didn't get in trouble for a year my probation would be over and my record would be expunged. if not my original sentence would stand. Now, in Oxford MS, where i go to college, on the night of April 30/May 1 i was arrested for a DUI. I bailed myself out for a little under 200 dollars and now i am wondering: 1) what do i do next 2) what will my punishments most likely look like in court 3) how will this affect my probation
fairly simple answer. Hire a good attorney in Mississippi. They can hopefully help you on the new charge and see about...
Is there anything I can do to have this order lifted. Thanks you so kindly
I' m trying to obtain my ms state driver license but I have a order from the state of missouri requiring me to install an admission interlock on my car. The dui was recieved in 2001 and the interlock went into effect in 2013. I moved from Kansas city Mo in 2009 because of health reason and wasnt driving and now that im improving, I wasnt aware of this new law. I need excess to driving to various appointments. I also have an elder mother who is also ill and need to get to doctor's appointments. I havn't been unable to work or maitain a job for long period of time so money is very limited.I no longer drink and have attend and complete an alcohol abuse program. I want to repect the rules and policies of driving.
Call a MS. lawyer. In the State of WA, Ignition Interlock Licenses('IIL')are not regulated by the court; they are...
How can I get my license back,is payments available
I was visiting California about nine years ago my license got took for a DUI ,I hit a parked car in the middle of the night my friend called police that morning,police came to house Gabe me breath test.......present I have been locked up for six year unrelated case but once I was release and tried to gety license they say I owe two thousand dollars ,is there anything I can do to get my license back,due to me just getting out of prison my money is just right is there anyway I can make payments and get my Mississippi license..Thanks
Since there is a "hold" on your driver's license from the California DMV or other equivalent agency in California, you...
Is it for a police officer to take you to jail for public drunk , if he did not show you the results of the breathalyzer?
I got taken to jail for public drunk , but they did not read my rights out to me or show me the number on the breathalyzer before they took me.
Not having your rights read to you is not an automatic dismissal, nor is not showing you the number. Youhave been...
Hi. What can I do if a non-adjudicated DUI is showing up on my record after the case was dismissed?
i had a DUI non-adjudicated and the entire process was complete and dismissed January of this year. Now I am trying to renew my insurance but I can't afford it because the DUI is showing up as convicted and they raised my premium. It's nearly $700 more. I don't know what to do. I paid thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees, not to mention the amount of time I spent in courts as well as 6 months probation, all so it would not show up in my record. Now it's showing up and I feel bamboozled be the great state of Mississippi.
Contact the lawyer you paid and have him or her investigate why it is there and to insure there were no errors or other...