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DUI conviction following trial - court never sent abstract to DMV so license is valid...can I still legally drive?
Trial concluded several months ago. DMV driver history report available for purchase online still shows no conviction and license listed as **VALID**. No specific order from the court at sentencing re: license suspension, only to enroll in (and presumably, complete) DUI class. Also received formal H6 from local DMV (for class enrollment) which states same: License VALID, no convictions reported. Is it my responsibility to inform the DMV of conviction so that I can use proof of enrollment in classes to apply for restricted license, or am I legally allowed to drive without going to further trouble (except, of course, regularly checking license status via DMV online portal)?
Yes, maybe. This does happen more often than you'd think. Before doing so, however, I would double check the minute...
Should I file a claim with my insurance company if I was hit by a drunk driver while driving my school bus?
The end of January this year I was driving my school bus which had no children on it, to a designated school and a driver ran a stop sign and hit me on the driver side right underneath me. I am receiving workers compensation, but wanted to know since it also considered a personal injury, should I file a claim with my personal insurance company as well. We also have the same insurance carrier. There is an ongoing claim on his part for my medical and injuries, they are keeping an eye on my progress, but would like to know is there anything I need to do. I was injured and also had an operation due to the accident. Also would this classify as a qualification for victims of crime since the driver was intoxicated?
If you were injured you may be able to sue the driver but their coverage may try to disclaim if the driver was...
I have a hearing in court regarding probation violation for a misdemeanor charge of DUI, what should I expect?
About a month ago some serious changes that were outside of my control took place with my work particularly around scheduling. I had been told I could have up to 7 absences from the classes, but was not informed I could have no more than 3 in a row. I was suspended from the program. I filed the paperwork requested by the people running the DUI class/program, but couldn't get a scheduled date that worked with my work schedule at all for whatever reason. I attempted to contact my probation officer 3 times a week and have only gotten voicemails and no return calls. Will I be arrested? Will I be given time to correct these issues and maybe be assigned to a new program for my classes?
Speak to your lawyer about how the judge on your case in particular handles such problems. Some judges might give you...
Can I get a "retro-active" DUI at .07 in California? I'm colorblind and stopped at a light I thought was red.
The light turned out to be just a streetlamp. The STOP sign was blocked by an illegally parked truck. I wasn't arrested and passed the physical field sobriety test. However my license was taken and I have been asked to submit to a "Priority Re-examination". I am colorblind, have poor vision, and am on several medications. I understand my license could be revoked for these reasons, but could a DUI still be charged at this stage?
A charge can be filed as long as the allegation is within the statute of limitations. Therefore it is important not to...
I want to request a belated hearing to show that the revocation/ suspension and 30 day temp. license is not justified.
It is past the 10 day limit after receiving the administrative per se suspension/revocation order. The Oakland office of drivers safety reccomended that I submit a written request for a belated hearing. Is this something I should have a lawyer write up? Is this a feasible option?
A lawyer can help you with this type of request, however, the reason you missed the deadline will drive whether or not...
Can I get house arrest for my possible 3rd time DUI in California?
I had a DUI in April 2008. Everything all cleared. DUI with accident in 2013 (Accident was caused by other driver slamming into me and totaling my car. They still gave me DUI). Case all cleared. And now September 2015 I got another one, but this one I was only 0.08. Bad thing was I didn't stop right away. I was scared. My licence was available to get back but I couldn't afford to pay the fees, so I had no licence. The car I just bought couldn't pass smog and my tags were expired. I was just scared of what the police were going to do. I had a bad opinion of cops then, better opinion now. Still no excuse. I'm just really really afraid of going to jail and ruining my life. I have 2 great jobs that I love. My mom depends on me to take care of her. I'm under a Psychologist's care for some issues. Is there any way you can help me inform my court appointed lawyer to keep me out of jail. I'm willing to go to a program. Go to AA every day. Attend DUI class 18/30 months. Also I'm wearing a Scram bracelet until next court date. And by the way, I haven't drank alcohol since this incident back in September 2015. Please help if you are able too. Patrick
Maybe. I would talk to your attorney about this and the best way to seek this, which sometimes is not to ask the judge...
What are the possible outcomes of this new case and how likely is it that I can enroll into an outpatient/resedential program?
I recently received my 4 Dui in Martinez county, however my 1 Dui was a juvenile offense. I was 17 for my 1st, 19 for my 2nd, 21 for my 3rd & now 23 for my 4th Dui. The 2nd Dui had a minor bodily injury with leaving the scene of an accident. For the most recent Dui I was initially stopped for speeding and I am currently on probation. I have an alcohol problem and I honestly need to fix my addiction b/c I have a child who is 17 months old. I am a single mom and it's time for a change but Extremly challenging.
You're in a very tough situation at this point. If you can find a residential program that will take you and your 17-...