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Can a person who just got his very 1st DUI/DWI in state a but actually lives in staye B. 'Quickly' b4 said court date flee back
Can a person who just got his very 1st DUI/DWI in state A. but actually lives in staye B. 'Quickly' b4 said court date flee back to state B w/out any legal issues and loss of license etc....? Ty so much!!!!
No, you will have to face the music here in NJ and go to court otherwise a warrant will issue for your arrest which...
Will my friend be drug tested at his arraignment and do judges likely accept dp for felony drug charges if he helped the police
If my friend was charged with 2c:35-10a (1), 2c:35-5a (1), 2c:35-10a (1) and is going to an arraignment Monday where the public Defender is trying to get him a disorderly persons charge in exchange for the felony drug conviction cause he assisted the police in 6 other narcotics cases that resulted in arrests, is the judge likely to accept a dp? And is he going to be drug tested at the arraignment if dp is accepted. He will most likely pass but isn't 100% cause he was a daily marijuana smoker up until one month ago. Other than the possible marijuana He is clean of all other drugs besides those prescribed
They know pot can be found 2 months after use.
Went to dmv to renew license expired more than 3 yrs ago to take written test. Was told I also have to take road test in 3 mos
How can I avoid a road test, or take it right away
That is up to NVC. They have rules after certain amounts of time to make sure you can drive.
Is it possible to get my license back early from a dui in nj?
2 years ago i was charged with 2 seperate duis (about a week apart). Since I havent driven since it was suspended, would I be able to get my license back early/get at least one of the duis lifted? the first one it was suspended for 7 months and the second one it was suspended for 2 years
There is no way to get your license back early for a DWI in NJ. However, if you feel that you have a claim for post-...
After a DUI, can I be forced to pay for weekly IDRC alcohol tests for 16 weeks if I am not a regular drinker?
I made a very big mistake in deciding to drive after having had too much to drink. No accident, no property damage. I was stopped and convicted of dui. I paid my court costs, I lost my license, I pay a monthly surcharge, I went to the 48 hour IDRC program. I also went for evaluation as directed by IDRC. Because alcohol is not even a minor part of my life, I know I have no addiction. I was told I could have an "extended evaluation" where I would be called at random four times. If I tested positive for alcohol at all, I would have to do the 16 weeks of counseling at my own expense. Not a problem. Then I was told they weren't going to do this. Though I didn't need counseling, I would have to be tested once a week for 16 weeks again, at my own expense. Is this legal? Or a money scam?
It is legal. I have my doubts about it as well. I believe there is provision of independent testing. To get 48 hours on...
DUI's in NJ are not considered misdemeanors, but what will the state of California classify them as?
Will the offenses for the DUI's I received in NJ be re-classified and show up as misdemeanors in CA? Or will CA keep their status as only traffic offenses?
You need to ask a California attorney that question or call the California DMV to see how it will transfer from NJ.
Will public defender be likely to help reduce my charges of possible repeat driving while suspended (not DUI-related) after mva?
I was driving a friends car (with my toddler in the back) going speed limit of 25mph, when I was hit at an intersection by an elderly person, who says they thought I was going to stop for the pedestrian at the side of the road, so she continued through her stop sign. Both myself and other driver went to the hospital, I believe we both had minor injuries. I later found out the officer ran my license to find it suspended, which I had dealt with a couple times a few years ago before and around the time of storm Sandy, and I believe my lawyer got those charges lowered/dismissed. Apparently I missed some court payments, which I didn't see the notices for due to the confusion of relocating after sandy. I realize I dropped the ball on this, but will being an employed mom help avoid jail time?
Yes a public defender should be able to help you. Obviously its better to have your own private lawyer but if you...