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I have question in regards to o.w.I. and d.w.I. laws in Wiscosin.
I am attending a music festival and plan on consuming alcohol, the campground is flooded so I would like to sleep in my car and I plan on turning the keys into the bar until morning, will I be O.K. legally? I called the sheriff's office and they won't give me a straight answer....they said you should be o.k.? Any help would be greatly appreciated...thank you.
The "O" in "OWI" stands for "Operating," so the question is whether you will be "operating" a motor vehicle while...
3 years no license 3 years interlock.
i got my 3rd dwi 3/10/13. the state sent me a letter saying 3 years no license 3 years interlock. i talked to the dmv the other day they said i cant reinstate til 3/16/16. so if i start the interlock program now will i have to do the full 3 years on it or would i get off it on 3/16/16
Good question. Seems like this is a question for your DMV or your attorney who specifically knows your conviction...
How will a paraphernalia charge effect me if I already have a DUI for controlled substance?
I was just charged with my first paraphernalia charge. The fine was for $177 dollars. I have a previous charge for a DUI for controlled substance that I got a $800 fine and only have an occupational license for the next six months. I just got a letter from the municipal court in regards to the paraphernalia charge saying that I could have my license suspended for 6 months if found guilty. why would this be if I wasn't operating or even near a vehicle? do you have any advice moving forward? I don't understand how both the license suspensions would work together?
The court can suspend your driver's license as a penalty if you are found guilty of possessing drug paraphernalia. It...
My boyfriend was arrested on a body only warrant in another state and is being extradited what does this mean will he see the ju
will he see the judge and then probably be released or if its body only does that mean they're going to hold him for an amount of time
If he fled the other state previously, it seems unlikely that he'll be released on bond again, and likely that he'll be...
2nd DWI in Minnesota with Wisconsin license, how long will Wisconsin suspend license?
I received a 2nd DWI in Minnesota with a Wisconsin license and was wondering when and for how long they will suspend my license. I have already served my 180 day suspension from Minnesota but Wisconsin hasn't done anything yet, probably because the criminal case is not done, since I still have a valid Wisconsin license and a place I stay in MInnesota could i just get a Minnesota license and "jump the shark"? If not how long will Wisconsin suspend me for?
Unpacking your question is somewhat difficult. If the criminal case in Minnesota has not ended, then you are likely...
Got an owi this weekend
I was pulled over for an owi, I did not receive any other tickets. The officer said he pulled me over for my speed and almost hitting him but no written warning or tickets were issued.I did not see the cop until he followed me to the gas station, when he then turned his lights on. Do I have a defense?
Get a DUI attorney (OWI) immediately. This is simply not something you should handle yourself. The OWI contains any...
Can I recant my admission of operating a vehicle while intoxicated since I really wasn't behind the wheel?
I was with two friends, "A" and "B". We all rode together in B's car to a few bars in town. By the end of the night B had too much to drink, fell forward and gashed his head on the ground. Myself and A decided to drive him back home, and A drove. Once there I decided to call 911 to have a medical professional take a look at B's head. My friend A was worried about a possible OWI so I told him to say I drove because I felt fine, and I knew they were drinking long before I showed up that night. I blew a .09, was taken in to have my blood drawn for my BAC, and am now being charged with a 2nd OWI. My first was 2007 roughly. Both friends A and B were witness to me not driving the vehicle, so I may potentially have two witnesses to back me up if I were to recant my statement to law enforcement.
You can try, but will need to pick your poison: misdemeanor obstructing charges vs. the OWI 2nd, since lying to a law...