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  • Baxley assault suspects sentenced to prison

    Friday Jan 12 | via WIS-TV Columbia 

    Nathaniel Smith has been sentenced to 15 years, eight to serve, and up to 100 hours of community service. Latasha has been sentenced to 10 years, two to serve, and up to 100 hours of community service.


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  • Court: Man beat pregnant girlfriend unconscious with...

    Tuesday Dec 19 | via 

    Two years ago Deron Devon Mahone got out of jail, went straight to his six-months' pregnant girlfriend's home and beat her with a clothes iron until it broke, authorities said. When the victim fell bleeding to the floor, he kicked her in the groin and abdomen, then left her lying there unconscious with a broken left arm, broken ribs, a deep gash over her right eye, a fractured occipital lobe, and a bleeding placenta, according to testimony Tuesday in Muscogee Superior Court, where Mahone is on trial for home invasion, aggravated assault and assaulting an unborn child.


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Baxley Law

It's been one year and7 months since my arraignment date. My lawyer filed all kinds of motions . How possible is it to be thrown
I didn't take any blood it breathrrlizer test
You need to talk with the attorney that has filed those motions. That attorney has the facts they need to answer your...
Can you get an dui in a parked car? My husband was sitting at the park in his car almost sleep and the police locked him up for.
This is second dui. He had to blow 3 times the first two times he wasn't dui but the last one he was. What avenues should we take.
Yes. You can get a dui sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car. The law says you can be arrested for the...
I have a DUI in CA.
Can i obtain a driver license in GA.
Not licensed in either state, but in general, no, not until you have CA reinstate your license in CA. CA and GA are...
What can i do to fight a wrongful DUI? Littering to a DUI?
My girlfriend was pulled over for littering(cigarette), told police she had 2 beers earlier (few hours prior) passed field sobr. Test but refused breathalyzer thinking it could be false reading so they didn’t do chemical test, definitely wasn’t drunk, found a grinder in her car with potentially a small crumb size of marijuana maybe, if that big. DUI? is there something to why she was continually being tested. No record, never even smelled of alcohol or police didn’t say. Says she passed an initial breathalyzer but refused state so immediately DUI and off to jail. After passing field sobriety tests too. How can we fight the DUI? She definitely wasn’t over the limit.
You and she absolutely can't fight this without an attorney. Hopefully, she sees how stupid she was for littering....
Statues Of Limitation for a DUI?
I was charged last year January for a misdemeanor DUI I went to court and my lawyer took the case and I am just waiting to see what’s next my lawyer is waiting for evidence does my case met the requirements for the statues of limitations
Timing sounds about right for Richmond County and no it doesn't sound like you case will meet those requirements.
Will a pending dui less safe come up on a background check ?
I had a charge of dui less safe over a year ago moved to superior court and I have yet to hear anything back from the court about the case. Will this come up on my driving record or a pre employment background check ?
Most Likely. Pending cases are reflective of an arrest.
How Can I get my DUI charge dropped?
I was wondering if there’s a way I can get these dui charges I just received dropped. I didn’t take the implied consent because the officer said it in a way I couldn’t understand and when I asked him can you tell me what happens if I don’t take it he said he can’t say that but can only read the card again. I declined regrettably. I believe I passed the physical test to test if you are intoxicated but failed the Breathlizer test by getting 0.023 instead of 0.02 due to me only being 19. I was pulled over for speeding.
A good dui lawyer may be able to help get the charges dropped or reduced. There are several ways this can be done...