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Traveling to India while DWI case in trail period.
Hi, I got DWI in Arkhansas in September.I didn't take any alcohol or drugs when police officer arrested me on DWI, My case is in trail period, the court date on February 7th. I am planning to travel to India feb 24th and I have valid H1B visa stamping on my passport, Does this effect while coming back to US port of entry, Appreciate your help!!
If you have a company immigration attorney, these questions should be directed to your immigration attorney. Your...
How come parole officers can count meducation when I was charged with DUI?
DUI in a different county other than I live in?
I doubt if parole officers count meducation about anything. Did you mean "medication", ie, drugs you take for an...
I got a DUS 3 was in prison for 6 months. My license were suspended till may 2015 . This happened in south I now live In Ark .
I need a lawyer to get the details. On reinstatement fees
I am sorry, but I am confused by your question. I do not know which state your DUI's were suffered? Where you live...
So if someone gets 1st DWI & reckless driving ticket , even blew .15 or more they should get a lawyer ?
My daughter hit another auto , they left so she continued down the hwy with damaged car mainly to front passenger side . So they gave breath .15 plus not sure . They arrested her , after about 5 hrs let her call someone to come pick her up . She got DWI & driving reckless ticket , 1st time for either . Last ticket she got was speeding ticket back in 2011 . She works full time , has never been in trouble and pays all of her bills on her own . She was suspended today from her job , that she has been at for 3 years . They told her if she didn't have the charges dropped she would be fired . Her court isn't until Nov 25th , I just don't know what she should do .
The most important thing you can do for her is hire an attorney. Her DUI is not a "simple" one and even for those, you...
Can I travel abroad after being arrested for a DWI as a green card holder?
I'm a green card holder. I got arrested for a DWI two days ago and my court date is in two weeks. I was planning to travel to my home country (Mexico) for a few days (before court date) but I would like to know if I will have any problems getting back into the US. I filled the petition to remove conditions but I still dont have my 10 year greencard only the receipt and the extension letter. I do have an I-551 stamp on my passport valid through Feb. 21st. There was no accident and nobody hurt on the dwi charges.
The case is still pending, there has been no conviction yet. You will be readmitted. Make sure to have on you the...
If you are driving a friends car are responsible for its registration or tags ?
My husband was riding with a friend in the friends car to the store when they were pulled over for expired registration and tags from Georgia (we are in Arkansas). They took his friends license and my husband was forced to drive home. If my husband drives them to work in this vehicle could he be held responsible for the bad tags or registration?
Yes, the driver of a vehicle is responsible for the validity of the tags. In some states, if the owner is a passenger...
Will I still go to jail if I just started working and making payments after the body attachments were ?
I have two body attachments because I lost my job and couldn't make my payments on time. Now I'm facing jail time, which means I wouldn't be able to continue to search for employment. My license is suspended and most jobs require a valid drivers license
A body attachment will not automatically go away just because you're making payments again. Generally body attachments...