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Can my vehicle towed on private because my license was suspended?
I was pulled over in Smithfield va. For speeding and my license was suspended for a DUI in 2016 my vehicle was towed for that and I was not drinking today is that legal and my car was on private property?
Yes, it can................................................
Am I going to jail Friday?
I got a DUI back in August and have followed all rules given to me since then. Completed ASAP classes, paid all fines, and had an interlock device in for 8 months now. I was originally supposed to have my interlock device installed for six months, but I failed for mouth wash. When I spoke to my case manager she told me I have the option of keeping my device for an extra 6 months, or seeing a judge and asking him to waive it. I opted to see the judge, but when I received my summons it says I need to appear and show cause as to why I should not serve my previously suspended 30 days of jail time. Will I likely be going to jail, and what can I do to try to avoid it?
It sounds like maybe you didn't read some cues you were being sent. It was either put in the interlock for another 6...
I received a petition to go to court for underage drinking at a party that was busted by the police. What will happen?
I'm 16 and I went to a party where there were about 40 people there. I had 1 or 2 beers and told the officer straight away when he asked if anyone had anything to drink that I had. I blew a .046 which the officer told me was half the legal limit. He had me call my parents and thanked me for being honest with him. He told my parents and I that I will probably not get my license suspended and it will not go on my record but it depends on the judge. I have never had issues with the police before and this is the first time I've ever done anything. Should I plead guilty and express my guilt to the judge and hope he places me on probation or what should I do?
It always makes spence to contact a lawyer. You and your parents should consult counsel for guidance about options and...
Will I be deported for a DUI/DWI arrest/charge?
I am a legal immigrant. I am on an approved change of status from F1 to H1b. I was arrested for DWI/DUI on July 7th 2018. According to a new memo released on June 28, 2018 by USCIS, USCIS with the help of DHS/CBP can issue an NTA to immigrants who "have been charged with any criminal offense that has not been resolved". The memo is vague and scary. Please help!!!!
I strongly suggest you hire a criminal lawyer who is knowledgeable with immigration law. First of all, technically, you...
Can I still travel outside of the US as a permanent resident after being arrested for DUI?
I was arrested a few days ago, and my court date is on September. I am a legal permanent resident, and I will only be gone for 2 weeks. Please help, I am so worried and scared! This is also my first DUI, my first arrest ever.
The only country I am aware of that will preclude you entering with a DUI charge or conviction is Canada (unless you...
How long for first time dui to come off record?
I was convicted of dui around 2010 in virginia. Court ordered vasap. After 10 years will I still be required to complete vasap.
If you had a dui in 2010 and you were ordered to complete VASAP then why wasnt it completed?. If you did not complete...
I obtained a background check on my name. It states DWI/Traffic instead of Public Intoxication. Is this the same charge?
July 04, 2015 I was arrested for asking my neighbor across the street to please stop firing off fire works (Illegal ones) over my home, which I have lived here for over 19 years. She called 911 and since I had a beer can in my hand, I was charged with Public Intoxication. My blood alcohol read was .04 I have a background check now and it states I have been charged with DWI/Traffic violation and to be considered for even a fast food job. I Have not worked since June 15, 2015. I do have a canceled check from a settlement that stated I was given a false background check. Can I do something about this? I have a +5 reading on my DMV record. Thank you for any information.
If this is a background check through a private company, which many private sector employers utilize, it can often be...