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I was convicted of first dwi in 2006 and put on probation in Louisiana.i was an international student at lsu, Baton Rouge.i paid fine but couldn't do community service/MADD/dwi class owing to college pressure and left the country before my visa expired in 2008.i emailed my probation officer explained him my situation.2 days later he emailed me saying that the judge has unsuccessfully terminated my case and should I ever return to the USA I can successfully complete my probation requirements.usa consulate says crime with moral turpitude makes you Inadmissible to the United it a crime of moral turpitude? Also, how do I obtain my court records? Thanks . Appreciate it.
The failure to complete your probation is not considered a separate criminal act, and I do not believe it will make you...
Got dwi in 2006 feb in Louisiana.i paid fine. I transferred to a another school in California so couldn't do community service and dui/MADD classes.being an International student I had visa obligations and upon graduating I returned to my country.bench warrant was released many times but my lawyer took care of it.i emailed the court and judge terminated my case unsuccesfully.i want to pursue masters from California next yr and need a visa.should I disclose dwi and unsuccesfull termination in visa form or it is out of my records.also I need FBI police clearance certificate.will it show a criminal conviction?
Any conviction or arrest will always be on be on your record until one of a handful of results happen. First, you can...
My husband was charged with 1st offense DWI. He caused damage to several parked cars and caused non-life threaten harm to the driver who he collided with. They offered him the option of going into the pre-trial diversion program, with all charges dropped, but we are unable to afford the cost. His first court appearance is coming up soon, what should he plea to allow him more time to gather money for a legal defense. Any other advise is welcomed. Thanks
It's very foolish to reject diversion because of cost and hire an attorney. Why not use that money for diversion? Get...
Got a dwi June 20th, I received a paper stating my license was suspended 90 days from that date and requested a hearing. My hearing was scheduled after the 90 days and the judge suspended it for longer! It's been almost 5 months! It's my first offense. Is that possible state law says it was suspended for 90 days?
Sometimes different types of suspensions kick in, both from the court and administratively. Talk to you attorney about...
On Wednesday, July 31, I had a beer and a drink with dinner. I finished dinner around 9:30-9:45. I went to pick up a friend down the street at a bar called the Bulldog. When I arrived, I got a text from her telling me that she would meet me at home. At that point, I turned around and left. I had no drink. I left the bar to head home, but was pulled over about a block or two away from the bar. As a result, I had to resign from the fire dept because I was a recruit. I have been working extremely hard to get this opportunity, but now I am lost and depressed. The fire dept has told me that I will be rehired for the next class, as long as this is not pending when they plan to hire (likely around Jan or February). Is it realistic or possible to have this resolved by then?
Trying to predict the time to resolve this matter will be difficult. Depending on the evidence the state has against...
I have served 3.5 years of my 4 year license suspension. Once my suspension is over, am I still required to install an interlock on my car. And if so, for how long?
You will have to review the terms of your sentence.
I got charged with minor in possession of alcohol in September. I was admitted to the pretrial diversion program in November and it is due in February. Just recently I received another minor in possession of alcohol charge, as well as an open container in public. What should I do? can i still do the program for the first one? What does a second minor in possession normally mean?
You clearly have a problem with alcohol. Retain counsel and get into a rehab program now.