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What happens when violate a 5 yr probation for dui in PA?
My stepfather had 3 DUIs in 2 weeks along with Terroristic Threats, simple assault against me in 2014. He was given house arrest (to care for my mother who had cancer, she since passed away) he finished house arrest, on 5 yrs probabtion, 36 months suspended license, part of probation was no drinking, random urines, clearly no driving. Apparently he was pulled over 2 times in past 6 months drunk driving and finally had to turn himself in when he hit the neighbors house and 2 cars trying to park his car at 2am on a Sunday. He in now in the county prison and just had his Gagnon II hearing. I do not see what the outcome was of the hearing. What can be expected? Do I have any rights to my deceased mothers property? Thank you so much for your help
He has issues for sure and is facing jail. Your interests are not clear. Was there a will? If no will then intestate...
Is my lawyer required to be at the DUI/Ard Court Hearing? Who initiates the withdraw of the lesser charge(s)?
Disregard Traffic Lane (Single)
Your lawyer should be with you at the time of your ARD hearing and all Court appearances for that matter. As far as...
I was charged with my 2nd dui,can i archery hunt?in Pa.
i looked this up in Pa.hunting while on said as long as it wasnt a felony&i didnt commit a crime involving like armed robbery,assult with a deadly weapon i can use a gun or bow fof sports activities/ pretty sure a 2nd d.u.i. isnt a felony.and i cant believe he can tell me i cant hunt for 5 years.its a sport our entire family does together.please can you give me some advice.
Some municipalities in Pa. require a license for bow hunting. As to the DUI, it is a misdemeanor offense and therefore...
How long does it usually take to be charged with a DUI?
I got pulled over for speeding in a work zone, ended up getting arrested for a DUI. Went to the hospital for blood work and then to the barracks for my fingerprints and picture, then let go. It's been almost a month and still haven't received anything in the mail. The arresting officer did not give me any type of paperwork. Do I just sit and wait to see if charges are being filed?
Pretty much. A month or two isnt unusual as the state labs bog down this type of year. You can check the public...
What can I do if I was given a dui, when I was not in the vehicle.
I had been arrested inside a hotel while my car was outside in a parking lot. The cops assumed that I was still under the influence of weed and decided to go search my vehicle, and also charge me with dui/duid since I must have driven to the hotel under the influence. I had smoked the day before and a few hours prior the day of, but when I was driving and when I was in the hotel, I was not under the influence. I was then taken to a local hospital about an hour-hour and a half after I got arrested initially to get blood work done. What can be done from this point on. I am a young college student, with no prior arrests or convictions. This was the first time I got arrested.
What can you do if you were charged with a crime, such as DUI??? The thing to do is call is to your parents. After...
Can I beat a dui charge if officer has no breath test or blood test ?
I was pulled over on side of rode sleep n my car police approached asked me out the car took field sobriety test.after him putting me under arrest I was taken 4 a blood test in which I refused ...I just went 2 court 4 the refusal n which I think I won because of the birchfield vs N.dakota ruleing .the arresting officer just decided 2 charge me wit the dui 90 days later .NOw without no written evidence is this dui charge beatable n a court of law n Pennsylvania
Certainly without a blood or breath test there is a path to having your DUI charge dismissed. However the lack of such...
If you are placed under arrest at a DUI accident do you need to be fingerprinted?
My son was in an accident and charged with DUI. They took him from the accident scene to the hospital for blood work. I then picked him up at the police station in the parking lot when they arrived 40 minutes after the accident. He was not read his rights or technically placed under arrest by the police officers although his paperwork received 3 months later charging him with a DUI says that they read him his rights 4 the arrest. The whole thing sounds a little fishy to me like someone wasn't doing their job so my question is wouldn't he have had to been fingerprinted and booked if he was placed under arrest after they took him to the hospital for the blood work?
He does NOT have to be read his Miranda rights at anytime before, during or after an arrest or blood testing. The only...