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  • Man faces theft, aggravated assault charges

    Tuesday Mar 28 | via KAIT-TV 

    BATESVILLE, AR - An Independence County man reportedly said he wanted to find a gun, stole two vehicles and kicked at officers before his arrest Tuesday, police said. Ronald Lee Tully of Sulphur Rock was arrested on suspicion of four counts of aggravated assault on a certified law enforcement officer, two counts of theft of property, one count of first-degree criminal mischief and was cited for resisting arrest.


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If my husband's bond was revoked because he tested dirty on a drug test, but was supposed to go to a rehab, is there a way?
My husband is a habitual offender. He has been to prison several times and short term rehabs, but none ever worked because they never taught coping skills. He got busted with a needle and caught a class d felony. He got out on bond and when he went back to court the drug tested him and he was dirty. He was set to be taken in to a long term rehab the following Sunday. Is there any way that he can get out of jail admitted to this rehab for treatment?
You need to immediately get in touch with his attorney.
How do I request audio and video from an officer's chest cam myself
I was arrested for a DWI given a field sobriety test taken to jail and they tried to give me a breathalyzer at the jail but the machine wasn't working and when I was released my paperwork said I refuse the test but they all agreed I've done everything correctly in that room the arresting officer even said he would put in a good word with the judge because I complied with everything but they wanted
You should be able to request any video that is available. With a smaller department like this, simply call them and...
I got two dwi charges first offense. Plead guilty to both. It didn't pick up on either. What do I do?
I have two dwi first offence charges. I nether Picked up. I told them on my second offense I had two. What do I do when I go to alcohol screening test Tuesday?
Tell them the truth. Even if both were for DWI 1st, You need to tell them you have two prior 1st DWI's. Talk to...
Will I be able to get into Kenya and Tanzania with a DWI on my record?
A few days ago I was arrested and charged with a DWI. In about 3 months I will be going to Kenya and Tanzania. Will I be granted a visa and will I be able to get through customs into these two countries? I know the laws are different in each country which is why I am confused on the exact rules for these two. My record is completely clean other than this one incident. Also, if I have a lay over in another country but am staying in the airport, will I have a problem then? My lay over may be in Dubai.
Realistically your case would still be pending in three months. DWI cases routinely take much longer than that. Your...
How can I get my reinstatement fees waived since I have been released from Wrightsville Unit. Under the Act 895.
I was incarcerated at the Wrightsville Unit from 8/25/2016 to 12/07/2016. Well before I went to prison, I had been a truck driver for over 22 yrs with a class A CDL driver license. The problem I am having is i had been released before they took me to the dmv to get my license back. I spoke with KERRY Williams with the Arkansas Community Corrections and she told me that there was nothing that could be done about my issue and all she could say was she was sorry. By law it states that with the completion of the re-entry program/class that my reinstatement fees would be waived and i would get my license back, but that is not what happened. What can i do?
Your question requires more information. You should consult a local attorney in your area who may better assist.
Can I withdraw myself out of drug court?
I got charged with residential burglary the offer was if i plead guilty they would drop it to breaking and entering and out me I'm on drug court this is my first felony I can not emotionally handle drug court anymore what can I do I've passed all drug test I keep messing up with aa meeting and forging then they keep sending me back to jail and I'm just done with it I want to know if I can withdraw myself and get a new offer or what will happen please help!
Drug court was an alternative to prison. If you fail to successfully complete drug court you will likely be sent to ADC....
Can I take dui online classes in Arkansas
I don't have any way to get to in person classes
Contact the DUI schools to ask if they have online classes. You will probably still have to go in for evaluations....